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Keeping the "Star Trek First Contact Day" celebrations flowing, Paramount+ shared a more extensive look at "Star Trek" universe EP Alex Kurtzman and showrunners Dan Hageman and Kevin Hageman's upcoming animated series Star Trek: Prodigy While our previous preview offered a look at the young voyagers, this round introduced viewers to the animated Capt Kathryn[...]
Star Trek: Lower Decks Third Season Renewal, Previews Second Season
On Star Trek First Contact Day, Paramount+ released new content of all the franchise's active series including the animated comedy Lower Decks, which was renewed for a third season The ViacomCBS streamer formerly known as CBS All Access also released the teaser for its second season In the new trailer, it shows the U.S.S[...]
Star Trek Online First Contact Day Statue
As part of First Contact Day, two different Star Trek games will be celebrating the festivities in their own way for players to get in on If you're not familiar with the day, it celebrates the fictional first interaction between humans and Vulcans on April 5, 2063, within their universe's version of Earth An achievement[...]
Roddenberry Releases Star Trek Starfleet Moto Jackets for Preorder
Who wouldn't want to wear one of these Star Trek-inspired moto jackets while exploring the galaxies?  Released today by the Roddenberry store for a crowdfunded preorder in order to celebrate the upcoming -45th Anniversary of First Contact Day (April 5th, 2063), the Starfleet moto jacket is a stylish way to celebrate your favorite science fiction series. Blue[...]