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Rewriting Moira MacTaggert's Third Life In Inferno #1 (Spoilers)
In the Marvel Universe, the Norse goddess of Freyja and wife of Odin, Frigga have become the same person, and mother of Thor Odinson The current Thor run has returned her to life with more of a warrior motif But it has also dove into the Norse mythology of the goddess Freya Who had a[...]
Freyja's Last Stand? War of the Realms #4 Preview
But War of the Realms literally killed all of the Valkyries in the first issue, as well as Odin and Loki (though, technically, they got better pretty quickly). But in this preview of War of the Realms #4, it looks like we could be getting ready to see Thor's mom, Freyja, kick the bucket. Freyja must hold[...]