The Mighty Thor #705 Review: A Beautifully Sad Climactic Battle

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We are taken back to the day when Jane Foster first picked up Mjolnir before rejoining the present, where the Mighty Thor is facing off against the Mangog. Asgardia is nearing the sun, and Thor convinces its denizens to evacuate while they have the chance. This just leaves Thor and Mangog to have it out one last time.

The Mighty Thor #705 cover by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson
The Mighty Thor #705 cover by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson

This issue brings the thunderous finale to the Mangog battle, and it is a well-constructed climax to "The Death of the Mighty Thor." It balances the emotional tones well. The battle is both desperate and fun. The comic has moments which celebrate this iteration of Thor. However, we all know what this battle and moment as Thor means for Jane Foster when this is all over. The Odinson knows as well, and he desperately tries to cling onto some hope for Jane's survival.

The battle lasts the vast majority of this issue, and it is an impressive slugfest. The means by which Jane ends the conflict has that old comic creativity, and it isn't just one side finally tiring out or being dealt a massive final blow. It's more unique and surprising than that.

The Mighty Thor #705 art by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson
The Mighty Thor #705 art by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson

Russel Dauterman's artwork is up to the challenge of this issue, and he does a damn fine job of bringing this battle to life. If there is a drawback, it's that his line-art detailing gets in the way of the wider picture at times. It's good for showing the damage and scars on the characters, but it can obfuscate some of the bigger scenes. Matthew Wilson's color art is very wild and bright, fitting of a titanic and fantastical book and battle such as this. This comic looks great.

The Mighty Thor #705 is a fitting conclusion to the battle between the Thunder Goddess and the Mangog. It's both sad and fun, it carries itself well, and the art brings it all together in spectacular fashion. Jason Aaron and company knocked it out of the park yet again. This one comes strongly recommended. Give it a read.

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