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"Gaslands: Refueled" to be Released Soon!
Source: magnusmanners on Imgur All in all, Gaslands: Refueled by Osprey looks to be a great foray into miniature wargaming for various demographics, ranging from adults looking to bring their kids into the game to people who are fans of Mad Max: Fury Road, to folks with a ton of toy cars from their childhood and[...]
Mad Max's And X-Men's Josh Helman Writes About Directing His First Film
Josh Helman, from Mad Max: Fury Road and X-Men: Days Of Future Past writes for Bleeding Cool, You should know that, at this very moment, I'm shitting my pants Fortunately for both you, me, and everyone within a twenty-foot radius, I mean that metaphorically But it feels like I might cross into the literal realm with[...]
DC / Vertigo To Publish Two Different Tie-Ins To Mad Max: Fury Road
DC / Vertigo is going to collaborate with George Miller, the director, producer and co-writer for the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road on two projects tied to the film The first is called Mad Max: Fury Road: Inspired Artist where 65 different artists will create pieces inspired by the world created in the film The[...]
Warner Brothers Place Producer On Set To Put Mad Max Reboot Back On Track.
When he then sends producer Dennis Di Novi out as the "studio representative" to oversee the production you KNOW you are in trouble with your boss. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the production of Fury Road has veered off schedule and off budget They had been sending executives back and forth to Namibia, where the film is[...]