Sealed GameCube Resident Evil 2 Up For Auction Now At Heritage

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There's no more recognizable name in the survival horror gaming business than Resident Evil. Though there have been several entries over the years, the second entry, Resident Evil 2, remains one of the single best. Though Resident Evil 2 is typically synonymous with the PlayStation, it was also released on additional platforms, including the GameCube. It follows Raccoon Police Department's Leon Kennedy as he finds himself living through the worst first day on the job yet, with zombies having overrun town. Luckily, he'll meet up with Claire Redfield along the way as part of a twisting, turning odyssey you won't soon forget.

The GameCube version of the seriously spooky action game is up for auction now at Heritage Auctions as part of its Dallas #7234 lot. Any fan of the survival horror series' legendary second entry (the first appearance of Leon Kennedy) will want to take home this Wata 9.6-rated sealed copy. It's absolutely gorgeous, and it's currently for sale at $160 with less than two hours to go. Check out the game in all its glory below.

A sealed copy of Resident Evil 2 for GameCube is up for auction at Heritage Auctions now.
Credit: Heritage Auctions

Explore the Zombie-Riddled Raccoon City with Resident Evil 2

"Resident Evil 2 – Wata 9.6 A Sealed, G.Cube Capcom 2003 USA. Some of us at Heritage were especially excited for this one – GameCube ports for the Resident Evil series from the PlayStation are truly excellent ports. First appearance of Leon Kennedy, the protagonist in Resident Evil 4."

If you're jonesing to add this gem to your collection, be sure to act quickly. Again, it's up for auction now at Heritage Auctions as part of the Dallas #7234 lot. Go here to place a bid or to check out additional information about this particular game. Then be sure to keep checking back to see if there are other awesome items up for bid that strike your fancy. There's a lot here for collectors, that's for sure.

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