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Will Valiant Sue DC Comics Over Generation Zero Trademark?

Will Valiant Sue DC Comics Over Generation Zero Trademark?

I am not a lawyer, I do not play one on the internet. But every now and then, you pick up a few things along the way. A mention of copyright here, of tortious interference there, and definitely about libel, slander and defamation. But mostly about trademarks. Yesterday, DC Comics announced that their DC Timeline […]

Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for March 26-April 1, 2019

We close out the month of March with a ton of video game releases, the majority of which for the Nintendo Switch with the PS4 right behind. Check out our entire list of games below, choose your titles wisely, and as always, have fun! March 26th Air Conflicts Collection (Switch) Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers (Switch) […]

Generation Zero E3

Generation Zero Receives a Proper Release Trailer

Before Avalanche Studios releases Generation Zero next week, the company has revealed a proper release trailer for you to enjoy. The game will officially come out next week on March 26th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One as you're taken to an alternate version of Sweden in the '80s to figure out what happened to […]

Generation Zero E3

Generation Zero Finally Receives a Proper Release Date

One of the more interesting demos we got to try out coming out of E3 2018 was Generation Zero from Avalanche, but the company didn't speak too much about it at the time. Sure, we got to play a demo and try out a few things and get some semblance of a story, but for […]

THQ Nordic Announces Its Full Gamescom 2018 Lineup

More and more companies are revealing what they have on the way for Gamescom this year, and today we get a look at what THQ Nordic is bringing. Right now, the list of games they'll be bringing to Cologne, Germany are Darksiders III, Biomutant, Generation Zero, Fade to Silence, Townsmen VR, and Wreckfest. Honestly, none of […]

Generation Zero E3

Getting a Peek at Generation Zero in the Microsoft Theater at E3

The folks at Xbox gave us a chance to check out a game over at the Microsoft Theater during E3 this week with Generation Zero. The game was demoed (so we didn't get a chance to play it) by Swedish developer Avalanche Studios, who you may recognize for the Just Cause series. The game, of […]

Generation Zero Knows Their 4th Amendment Rights

Valiant continues to grow their comic line with strong new titles. After I reviewed Generation Zero #1 the other day, we got in an advanced preview of the second issue. It picks up right where the first one left off and we can see ties from Keisha's brother's drawings in whatever ties into her friends […]

Generation Zero – An 80's Premise With A Modern Mystery

Valiant has a new series kicking off this week called Generation Zero. It's the psiots from Harbinger Renegades striking out on their own as a problem solving group that works more as an urban legend. The first issue from the creative team of Fran Van Lente and Francis Portela takes us into the town of […]

Generation Zero Is Listening

As part of their Future of Valiant promotion, Valiant has sent over an advanced lettered preview of Generation Zero #1. The new series debuts on August 24th from writer Fred Van Lente (Amazing Spider-Man) and artist Francis Portela (Faith) and focuses on the characters of Animalia, Cloud, Cronus and The Telic as they head off […]

A First Look Inside Generation Zero #1

As the "Future of Valiant" initiative continues, the publisher has given us a first look into their series Generation Zero. This group of volatile teenage superheroes from the pages of Harbinger Wars will be getting their own series by writer Fred Van Lente and artist Francis Portela. The synopsis kicks off with what sounds like […]

A Generation Zero Comic Coming From Valiant?

Valiant Entertainment have registered the trademark for comics for the title "Generation Zero". Brought to their psychic abilities by torture, Generation Zero are a team of kids who were taken from their families by a private military corporation and raised as psychic warriors.Created by Joshua Dysart, Duane Swierczynski and Khari Evans, it looks like they may be getting […]