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When George Michael Was A Superhero – As Drawn By Stephen Platt
By Joe Glass Way back in 2002, George Michael released the single and music video for FREEEK!, which would later also be part of the Patience album in 2004. In the video, Michael plays several very superhero and supervillain looking characters in a Blade Runner-esque, futuristic, superhuman sex dystopia. And really, it was only George Michael who could[...]
In Wake Of George Michael's Death, Sarah Michelle Gellar Mourns… Boy George?!
Just when you think 2016 has finished its unholy mission… WHAM! Another celebrity taken from us too early. Continuing 2016's war on beloved celebrities, George Michael was found dead on Sunday And while the news hit lots of fans of the 53-year-old pop superstar (which encompasses pretty much anyone who was alive in the 1980s and[...]