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Ares Arise! 31 Artists Pay Tribute To Greek Mythology For Launch Of New Graphic Novel
These remarkably high-quality, emotional, and entertaining tales of Greek Mythology are drawn and written by Brooklyn-based artist George O'Connor and they've ranked in the New York Times Best-Seller list George has a lot of friends in the comics community and they've gotten involved to spread the love for his latest release Ares: Bringer of War[...]
Spotlight on ComiXology Submit – The Undertaker Mortonstone, Testament, Healed
Sound like a set up for a binge read? Exactly–a wide cast, multiple layers of narrative, and a driving sense of dangerous and sublime super-human powers taking shape make Testament just that kind of story. Healed, written by George O'Connor and illustrated by Griffin, S. Healed is arriving in its second issue of five this week, but[...]