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Thank FOC It's Sunday
Returnable for stores who order over ten copies. How did Giga #1 do? #2 is up. Post York by James Romberger is getting its trade paperback. Locke & Key: Hell And Gone #0 – IDW reprinting Sandman #21. Wellington by Delilah Dawson, Aaron Mahnke and Piotr Kowalski gets its delayed release from IDW. Axelle Lenoir's What If We Were TPB[...]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #18 Review:
Vault Comics has a new #1 hitting the streets with Giga, a story about humanity after a world-changing war between robots known as "Giga." Let's get it. Giga #1 cover Credit: Vault Comics For those interested in mecha and futuristic sci-fi, Giga #1 will satisfy in every way For those hoping to read an interesting and well-rounded story, Alex[...]
Giga #1 Gets 28,000+ Orders From Vault Comics
But it appears they are gearing up to a launch figure for their new comic book Giga, that puts all those other publishers to shame Giga #1, by Alex Paknadel and John Le and had the benefit of a David Mack tiered variant cover revealed for FOC, but even so they have done rather well with pre-orders hitting[...]
Vault Comics Launch Giga, Devil's Red Bride in October 2020 Solicits
Vault Comics are launching their new series Giga, by White Noise Studios writer Alex Paknadel and artist John Le, as well as Devil's Red Bride by Sebastian Girner and John Bivens. As well as continuing issues of Heavy, Autumnal, Hundred Wolves, Engineward, Money Shot and more in Vault Comics October 2020 solicitations. GIGA #1 CVR A LE VAULT[...]
Dubbing it Neon Genesis Evangelion meets Knives Out, or a murder mystery with giant robots, Giga appears to be set in a world recovering from a major disaster that has impacted everyone's lives Just, in this case, it's what happened after the giant robots stopped fighting the giant monsters Graeme McMillan of THR describes it[...]