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Justice, Inc

Read Justice, Inc. #1 from Michael Uslan and Giovanni Timpano

series that was written by Michael Uslan and drawn by Giovanni Timpano The new series featured the classic pulp hero The Avenger along with other iconic figures from that era, The Shadow and Doc Savage This goes with the publishers comixology sale going on this weekend that features comics from Justice, Inc: The Avengers, Doc[...]

Writer's Commentary – Zack Kaplan Talks Eclipse #1

Giovanni Timpano, the brilliant artist of ECLIPSE, captured the horror of this world with this burnt hand in the foreground And then there is our hero in his John Cassady-style pose, frozen in the face of this new landscape.On Giovanni and patience…Readers may not realize, but when ECLIPSE began, Giovanni was not available[...]

Murdered By The Sun… An Exclusive Extended Preview Of Eclipse

The series is drawn by Giovanni Timpano and we've seen a couple preview pages, but here we have an exclusive extended preview of the first issue that is due out next week (9/7) The preview sets up the world and gets us to the heart of the story.. someone is using the Sun to commit[...]

Betrayed By The Sun – Zack Kaplan Talks Eclipse

Top Cow has become a home for really good science fiction comics and that continues with the new series Eclipse from Zack Kaplan and Giovanni Timpano The series focuses on a very different Earth after a cataclysmic event and how humans continue to survive I talked with Kaplan about the new series this week.DAN WICKLINE: One[...]

An Evening Of Magic And Wonder – A Look Inside The Shadow Vol 2 #4

Last week saw the released of The Shadow Vol.2 #4 with art by Giovanni Timpano and colors by Marco Lesko We have some of the original black and white art and colors for you to see here today The original script was written by Cullen Bunn. The secrets of the Last Illusion become intertwined with the work[...]

Giovanni Timpano's Process Art For The Shadow Vol 2 #3

The art is by Giovanni Timpano and colors are by Marco Lesko based on a script by Cullen Bunn. A cabal of vile magicians have recruited an assassin to eliminate their enemies At the top of the list--the Shadow! Meanwhile, more secrets of the Last Illusion are revealed. For more information on The Shadow Vol 2 #3,[...]

Writer's Commentary – Justice, Inc. Book One By Michael Uslan

Cover art by Alex Ross, interiors by Giovanni Timpano.First, the backstory:I was thrilled and honored when Nick Barucci of Dynamite Comics approached me to gauge my interest in writing an historic first team up of the Shadow and the Green Hornet Nick was familiar with my writing back in the mid-1970s at DC Comics with[...]

Free On Bleeding Cool – Justice, Inc #5 by Uslan And Timpano

The series is written by Michael Uslan and drawn by Giovanni Timpano and stars the classic pulp characters The Shadow, The Avenger and Doc Savage To get you ready for the final issue, Dynamite has sent over the previous issue for you to read for free.For more information on Justice, Inc #6, click here.On Wednesday[...]