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Diana & The Hero's Journey from Grace Ellis & Penelope Gaylord
Bleeding Cool announcement time! Grace Ellis is the co-creator of Lumberjanes, as well as writer of Moonstruck drawn by Shae Beagle and published by Image Comics, DC Comics' Lois Lane And The Friendship Challenge drawn by Brittney Williams, and the upcoming Flying Out Of Space graphic novel drawn by Hannah Templar And later this year,[...]
Lumberjanes Co-Creator Grace Ellis' New OGN About Patricia Highsmith
– Patricia Highsmith, The Price of Salt.  Grace Ellis co-created and co-write the Boom Studios series, The Lumberjanes, author and creator of the series Moonstruck from Image Comics and is the writer of the upcoming graphic novel, Lois Lane and the Friendship Challenge for DC Comics And now she is writing a new graphic novel to[...]
Auto Draft
As that link will now show you, it's by the co-creator and writer of Lumberjanes, Grace Ellis and, co-creator and artist of Goldie Vance, Brittney L Williams and scheduled for July 21st 2020 Here's the solicitation and cover: From New York Times bestselling author Grace Ellis (Lumberjanes) and artist Brittney Williams (Goldie Vance) comes a new story about 13-year-old[...]
"Whimmagiful" 5 Reasons You Should Be Reading Lumberjanes
It's brought to you by a wonderful group of creative humans including Shannon Watters, Brooke Allen, Noelle Stevenson, and Grace Ellis, and follows the lives of Jo, April, Mal, Molly, and Ripley who are spending their summers at a camp While there are so many reasons I could give to motivate you to read the series, here are[...]
Lumberjanes: Beyond Bay Leaf #1 Captures That Lumberjanes Spirit
It would be cruel of me to spoil it for you. As a huge fan girl of Lumberjanes creators Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, and Brooke Allen, I always get a little bit worried when they have issues that feature other creators However, Faith Erin Hicks and Rosemary Valero-O'Connell do a great job of being consistent with[...]
Friendship To The Max! Lumberjanes Vol. 2 TP Is Out This Week!
The second collection of the Eisner Award-winning Lumberjanes is here! From BOOM! Box, written by Noelle Stevenson & Grace Ellis, with art by Brooke Allen, get excited for Lumberjanes Vol 2 TP Five girls become instant best friends when they go to camp and discover there is a lot more to the summer than learning[...]
Lumberjanes To Be Collected In An Epic Hardcover 'To The Max' Edition This November
Written by Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis, with art by Brooke Allen, this Eisner Award-winning series is a heartfelt series built on the power of friendship and positivity Now, the original eight-issue story arc is going to be available in a deluxe hardcover edition: Lumberjanes to the Max Edition Vol 1 HC. At Miss Qiunzella Thiskwin[...]
Meeting The Team – A Binge Read Catch Up Of Lumberjanes: Part One
Well, this week I stumbled upon Lumberjanes from BOOM! Box, an imprint of BOOM! Studios, written by Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis, with art by Brooke Allen, and colors by Maarta Laiho When I glanced at the cover of the new issue I noticed that they were twelve issues in, but I was up for the[...]
LGBT Comics For Young Readers – The SDCC 2014 Panel
Kristen Enos of PRISM comics leads again, this time with a panel including Brian Anderson (So Super Duper, The Advocate),Charles "Zan" Christenson (Northwest Press, The Power Within), Dusty Jack (Scuttlebutt Ink, Mahou Shounen Fight!), Grace Ellis (Lumberjanes), Robert Paul (Little Rainbow Comics), Dan Parent (Kevin Keller) and Elizabeth Watasin (Charm School). Mahou Shounen Fight! plays on the magical girl genre by making them magical boys, the creators were big fans of the genre[...]
River Monsters, Smooches And Puns: The Lumberjanes #2 Delivers
Hilarity ensues, and no adventure would be complete without being delivered unwillingly to a river monster.  All is well though, and the last page gives us a teaser of what is to come in the next issue. Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis do a fantastic job at keeping it lighthearted, as well as imaginative[...]
Essential 8 Things About Emerald City Comicon: Day One
It's a great comic and I was lucky enough to meet three of the friendliest, most enthusiastic comic creators, Brooke Allen, Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis, in the business, and get their signatures on my copy.  Another comic that's making an impression at ECCC is Southern Bastards Jason Aaron and Jason Latour are doing panels and[...]