Friendship, Twists, And The Humor Of It All: A Binge Read Catch Up Of Lumberjanes, Part Two

IMG_0050Welcome to Part Two of my Lumberjanes binge read! From BOOM! Studios, written by Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis, with art by Brooke Allen, and colors by Maarta Laiho, Lumberjanes takes place at an all girls summer camp, and centers in on a group of best friends and their adventures. Now, that might sound plain and simple, but trust me, it's not! This isn't your ordinary all girls camp. The paranormal/ mystical creatures that enhance the story, are amped up over the course of issues #7-12 making my enthusiasm for this series sky rocket. The end of issue #6 leaves us wondering if Jo has magical powers or not, and how that is all linked to Diane.

IMG_0051Issue #7 picks up right where we left off, in the middle of all the action. We discover that Diane and her brother actually have a relation to Zeus, and may be Greek Gods themselves. This leaves some of the group skeptical, and makes April furious with Jo for not confiding in her. My eyes were glued to the pages of issues #7-8, solely due to the amount of action taking place. Besides the fact that Jo was kind of frozen like a statue, the sibling rivalry was so intense. Some might find the cure for Jo cliché, but I loved it. The power of friendship setting her free was perfect. I appreciated Stevenson and Ellis taking a comedic spin on the power that could have potentially been given to Diane and Apollo. Watching Ripley grant everyone kittens and ultimately give up the power was way more entertaining. We seamlessly move into another chapter in the Lumberjanes series as Mal and Molly break off into an epic unexpected adventure with bear woman, while the rest of the girls try to complete normal badges on their free day.

IMG_0054The art switches gears in issues #10-12, with the artist changing from Brooke Allen to Carolyn Nowak. While the styles have similarities, I definitely got more of a Bryan Lee O'Malley: Scott Pilgrim, vibe from Nowak. I'm normally picky when it comes to artist change-ups, but this one didn't bother me at all. I enjoy both styles equally. I particularly enjoyed the staring at the scene that I posted below. Nowak illustrates Molly and Mal following the bear woman in a very creative and inventive way. It almost looks like the path of a board game.


After careful consideration I've come up with three solid reasons why I love Lumberjanes. One: The theme of friendship and the power that a group can hold together is incredibly strong and often revisited. It is the true core of this fun series. Two: The potential for twists. Because this isn't an ordinary camp, and dinosaurs often pop up in the weirdest situations, I'm constantly intrigued by the story. Therefore, even when there are normal instances, like the girls having a free day, I know that surprising things are lurking behind corners. Finally, Three: The simple humor of it all. When writers create characters like Ripley, April, Molly, Jo, and Mal that encompass such a wide variety of personalities, the script flows naturally. The silly details of the moments shared between them are real and entertaining.

IMG_0055Overall, I'm incredibly happy to add this series to my pull list. Oh, and guess what? I have perfect timing. If you have yet to pick up Lumberjanes, now is your chance! The trade paperback, which collects issues #1-4 releases on April 1st!


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