Lumberjanes #50 Review: Tabletop Games and Underground Adventures

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It's activity time for the Lumberjanes. While many play a tabletop game of building kingdoms and expanding fortunes, April, Mal, and Ripley explore below in dark caverns. While things seem to be looking up when they discover a beautiful glowing fungus, they discover that they're not the only living thing exploring these dark depths.

Lumberjanes #50 cover by Kat Leyh
Lumberjanes #50 cover by Kat Leyh

Lumberjanes #50 offers another fun and upbeat adventure with its landmark 50th issue. While it doesn't shoot for anything groundbreaking to upturn the story, it does succeed in providing just fun.

Fun is the best way to describe this comic. It's fast-moving, the characters are endearing, and it manages to charm even when you feel like you know where it's going with its plot.

Even something that should feel mundane, like half a comic dealing with a tabletop game while the other deals with a genuine life and death situation, doesn't feel like a waste of time because you're having fun with the characters.

Is the comic shooting for anyone in my age group? No, not necessarily. Did I have a lot of fun reading it anyway? Yes, very much.

There is also a follow-up story dealing with more lore-centric parts of Lumberjanes. I don't know enough about this series to talk the significance of it, but it was a cool little sequence.

Lumberjanes #50 art by Dozerdraws and Maarta Laiho
Lumberjanes #50 art by Dozerdraws and Maarta Laiho

Dozerdraws's and Maarta Laiho's artwork make the comic as visually energetic, upbeat, and generally cute as ever. The characters each have unique designs, and the colors are generally brighter but always well balanced. Brooklyn Allen teams up with Maarta Laiho for the back-up story, and it looks great too. It has a bit more texturing to it than the main portion, and it looks great.

Lumberjanes #50 provides an energetic, funny, and lovable landmark installment for the Boom! Box series. The stories are both fun and even a little intense at times. Mix this with some good artwork throughout, and you have a comic worthy of a recommendation. Check this one out.

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