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Blizzard Entertainment Reveals Their July "From the Vault" Exclusives
A new set of limited edition Concept Art Prints have also been revealed with Firelord Zul'jin from Heroes of the Storm, Annoy-o-Tron from Hearthstone, and Kerrigan from StarCraft Each of these prints will only be released for the month of July, and they will also have a 30th Anniversary embroidery The fun of the "From[...]
Hogger Is The Latest Character Coming To Heroes Of The Storm
Warcraft players might be excited to see another character is dropping into Heroes Of The Storm as Hogger comes to the game Development on the game may have slowed down after the company shifted around a bunch of resources and killed the esports division, but they're still making content for the loyal fans who love[...]
Heroes Of The Storm Gets A New Independent Esports League
When Blizzard made the decision to kill off the Heroes Of The Storm esports division, a lot of players were left disheartened with the company Whether or not the cuts to the game and the programs surrounding it were justifiable has been debated ever since it happened in late 2018 But the people in charge[...]
Overwatch's Mei Joins Heroes Of The Storm
Blizzards are still releasing content for Heroes Of The Storm as the game just got a new hero int he form of Mei from Overwatch Her addition to the game comes from the latest patch, which also has added a new weather condition for you to deal with, and the return of Nexomania for a[...]
Heroes of the Storm: Dark Nexus II
Blizzard revealed a brand new event today for Heroes Of The Storm, as players will be going back into the shadowed ground with Dark Nexus II The company launched a brand new update today with a ton of content, the biggest part of it being the new event of the game which will probably run[...]
Deathwing Joins "Heroes Of The Storm" Starting Today
Blizzard announced today that The World Breaker has officially come to Heroes Of The Storm as Deathwing joins the list of heroes Basically, they added a character that is unstoppable and can wreak havoc for a short period of time However, he gets no buffs or healing from anyone as a trade-off for that kind[...]
Former Blizzard Reps Discuss Ending "Heroes Of The Storm" Esports
Ever since Blizzard made the call last year to scale back on Heroes Of The Storm, many fans have been left wondering why it all went down Nearly one year later, we're getting a better picture as to what happened and why Inven Global has a brand new story up in which they speak with[...]
"Heroes Of The Storm" Adds Deathwing To The Roster
Heroes Of The Storm is about to get changed, and not for the better, depending on which side your own, as Deathwing arrives You've seen his wrath in WoW and Hearthstone, now his wrath will be felt in a third title as he will be coming to the game before year's end Deathwing will be[...]
Original New Hero Qhira has Joined "Heroes of the Storm" on the PTR
The knight-turned-bounty hunter Qhira has arrived on the public test realm for Heroes of the Storm today Qhira is the newest original hero to be added to Blizzard's MOBA, and while she's only available on the PTR right now, she will hit the game properly in a few weeks' time. Qhira is a deadly Iresian Bounty[...]
UNIQLO Shows Off A New Blizzard Entertainment Collection
The new gear has shirts and designs from Overwatch, Diablo, Starcraft, World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone for your gaming choices You can now check out all of these designs on their shop, but we have images and some descriptions for you here if you'd like to see what they have in[...]
ESPN Releases Schedule For Inaugural Collegiate Esports Championship
Five different games will have qualifying matches as well as proper tournament bracket eliminations between May 10th-12th, including Hearthstone, Overwatch, Starcraft II, Street Fighter V, and Heroes of the Storm Check out the entire schedule below as they will be broadcast on ESPN as well as and its Twitch and YouTube esports channels. credit//ESPN Qualifying Teams/Matchups The championship[...]
Anduin Wrynn Joins Heroes Of The Storm in Latest Update
World of Warcraft fans are about to get a new hero of theirs added to Heroes Of The Storm as Anduin Wrynn joins the game as it's latest champion The company announced his addition this week as he will be added to the game along with Shalamayne as a Ranged Healer We have his abilities[...]
Imperius, Archangel of Valor, is Now Live on Heroes of the Storm's PTR
Imperius, the Archangel of Valor and leader of the Angiris Council, is now live in the Public Test Realm for Heroes of the Storm For those not familiar with Imperius, he hails from the Diablo franchise and in Heroes of the Storm, he functions as a melee warrior who specializes in engaging enemies and setting up his teammates[...]
Blizzard Will Be Scaling Back on Heroes of the Storm
Blizzard made an announcement today to all of their fans of Heroes of the Storm that the company will be cutting back production on the game The word came down in a letter to the community from Blizzard's president J Allen Brack and chief development officer Ray Gresko, who announced that development resources currently being[...]
Sylvanas and Stitches Reworked in Latest Heroes of the Storm Patch
The latest update to Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm brings reworks to heroes Sylvanas the Banshee Queen and Stitches the Terror of Darkshire The Sylvanas rework is designed to make her a more formidable opponent in team fights while also making her more rewarding for skilled players The Stitches rework will allow him to make better[...]