Blaze Gets a Spotlight for His Heroes of the Storm Debut

Blizzard has released the spotlight for Heroes of the Storm's newest addition, Blaze.

Blaze Gets a Spotlight for His Heroes of the Storm Debut

In the extensive video, we get to learn about the character's abilities and perhaps unsurprisingly, he is all about bringing the fire. He's described as an initiation tank and it seems he has some really heavy hitting abilities. He can chain oil barrels that slows enemies and, of course, can be ignited to hurt other players. The twist is that the fire heals him. He also has a decent stun, meaning he can really get stuck in and mess with people. If he has a team that follows him up, it seems he can really get some work done.

His Bunker Heroic Ability is really neat too. Essentially it calls down a little hut for you and your team to hang out in for a little while allowing you to hide from damage and get a few buffs. It seems like it might be something really cool to see out big incoming damage and stall out fights.

You can check out his entire kit in the video below.

Blaze the Firebat is now available to play in Heroes of the Storm.


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