Hogger Is The Latest Character Coming To Heroes Of The Storm

Warcraft players might be excited to see another character is dropping into Heroes Of The Storm as Hogger comes to the game. Development on the game may have slowed down after the company shifted around a bunch of resources and killed the esports division, but they're still making content for the loyal fans who love to play the game. The latest update has added the Gnoll King to the test servers so you can try him out and see how things play. He's got a slightly altered look to match that of other characters who have entered the Nexus, wielding a ball and chain as a devastating weapon. Apparently, he works well with aggressive warriors and area damage, but has issues with knockback and sustained healing.

A look at Hogger as he enters Heroes Of The Storm. Courtesy of Blizzard.
A look at Hogger as he enters Heroes Of The Storm. Courtesy of Blizzard.

You'll be able to play the character until November 30th, so a solid week to get some experience in and figure out whether the brawler is up your alley or just a novelty. No word yet on an official date to put him into the main game, but it looks like if you enjoy close combat and causing chaos, the team just gave you a new favorite character to mess around with. Or at the very least, put people on edge with for a time. His addition comes with a number of new updates for the Heroes Of The Storm PTR, which you can read about here.

Hogger, the big and burly Bruiser, is primed and ready to pounce! When taking advantage of the Rage mechanic, which lowers the cooldown on his abilities as he gets deeper into the fray, Hogger becomes a rampaging monster. With the ability to dish out tons of area damage and by generating pathing blockers with his Trait, Loot Hoard, Hogger's ability to start a fight, grab a kill, and escape intact is second to none.

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