ER Pandemic Simulator Announced By Movie Games For Steam

ER Pandemic Simulator Announced By Movie Games For Steam

This game is called ER Pandemic Simulator, and it truly could not have come to light at a more fitting time, due to the continued rage of COVID-19 throughout the world.[caption id="attachment_1215579" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The logo and art for ER Pandemic Simulator, a new indie game by Movie Games.[/caption]ER Pandemic Simulator puts you behind the[...]

New Amsterdam EP David Schulner Talks Season 3 Changes Expectations

New Amsterdam EP David Schulner Talks Season 3 Changes, Expectations

In addition, the locale would've changed from New York City to the hurricane-ravaged Dominican Republic: "Hurricanes are becoming more frequent because of global warming, a lot of hospitals don't have the resources to handle it [The doctors] were going to a failing hospital to help — it was going to be a huge cliffhanger, life[...]

New Amsterdam Season 2 In the Graveyard: Change of Heart &#038 Mind [PREVIEW]

"New Amsterdam" Season 2 "In the Graveyard": Change of Heart & Mind? [PREVIEW]

and that's just the beginning... "New Amsterdam" season 2, episode 13 "In the Graveyard": The doctors stop at nothing to help their patients, following a shocking realization that prompts a change in the hospital Meanwhile, Reynolds must make an important decision in his career. [caption id="attachment_1159590" align="alignnone" width="1000"] NEW AMSTERDAM -- "In The Graveyard" Episode 213 -- Pictured:[...]

New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 10 Six or Seven Minutes: A Healthy Start (SPOILER REVIEW)

New Amsterdam Season 1, Episode 10 'Six or Seven Minutes': A Healthy Start (SPOILER REVIEW)

The episode starts at the hospital, where everyone urgently needs to chat with Max (Ryan Eggold) For the first time ever, he is off the grid His wrangler and right-hand helper Dora (Zabryna Guevara) knew he’d be unreachable for a few hours, but she could never imagine the news she’s about to receive.[caption id="attachment_968041" align="aligncenter" width="1000"][...]

Doctor Whos Freema Agyeman Joins NBCs Bellevue Anupam Kher Cast

Doctor Who's Freema Agyeman Joins NBC's Bellevue; Anupam Kher Cast

[caption id="attachment_789364" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit (left): Featureflash Photo Agency / Credit (right): Debby Wong -[/caption]The medical staff at NBC's Bellevue is about to add two more names to the rotation schedule, as Doctor Who's Freema Agyeman and The Family Man's Anupam Kher are joining the rotation at the network’s new hour-long hospital drama pilot[...]

Dave Sim Admitted Into Hospital For Surgery

Dave Sim Admitted Into Hospital For Surgery

Today we learned, Sim checked himself into Emergency at Grand River Hospital in Kitchener this afternoon [Monday 16th] He'd been having severe, painful stomach cramps all weekend He arrived about 2 pm I checked in on him around 8 pm He was dressed in a frock, laying on a bed, hooked up to a saline drip[...]