Hugo Strange

The Return of the Hellbat in Tomorrow's Detective Comics #998 (Preview)

It shouldn't be surprising considering the billionaire status of his alter ego, Bruce Wayne, but Batman is apparently not a fan of socialized medicine. Just look what happens when Hugo Strange offers to give Batman free psychiatric care in this preview of tomorrow's Detective Comics #998? Take that, you freakin' commie! The next stop in […]

A "Baneful" Existence Begins for 'Gotham' in "Pena Dura" [PREVIEW]

Before you treat yourselves to Bleeding Cool's resident Gotham expert Leigh Kade's review/recap of the fifth episode of the Batman prequel series' fifth and final season "Pena Dura," check out the following preview trailer and images for the episode that finds…the military's here to save Gotham City! Just a little advice: keep an eye on […]

'Gotham' Season 5 "Ruins": Gordon's Bad Decisions Hurt City, Episode [SPOILER REVIEW]

Someone literally left FOX's Gotham in ashes! That can only mean three things: Gordon is going to make some questionable decisions in his quest for justice; the wrong person is going to be implicated; and we're about to board the Bane Train! Toot-toot! After the explosive conclusion of "Penguin, Our Hero," we'll give the Gotham writer's […]

Gotham Season 2 Recap: And The Villains Shall Rise! (BC Rewind)

There are few shows as audaciously oblivious to their own irreverence as FOX's Gotham. With the series set to return for its fifth and final season on Thursday, January 3rd, the Batman prequel series sits rightly perched at the pinnacle of early 21st Century anti-culture, as if the "I'd buy that for a dollar" guy from […]

Harvey Blames The Butler For Hugo Strange Being Gone

With the Tetch Virus spreading through Gotham, Lucius believes that Hugo Strange has an antidote, but Hugo is in the wind and Harvey blames Alfred… Plus, with the accelerated version of the virus in the air, just how long will Jim Gordon be able to keep control? 2-hour season finale of Gotham airs Monday at […]

Who Controls Gotham? – Trailer For The Series Return

We are just under a week away from the return of Gotham with the new subtitle: Heroes Rise. In the clip below we see that not only is Bruce Wayne moving even further along the path to becoming Batman, but the town is on the verge of being torn apart. And we see the return […]

Gotham Is A Mad City With Plenty Of Monsters

In the newest trailer for the third season of Gotham, we get a look at villains old and new. We see where Dr. Hugo Strange ends up, that Selina Kyle teams with Fish Mooney, Jim Gordon is still off the force and that Bruce Wayne may be getting a corner office. We also see some […]

Gotham Season 3 Teaser Focuses On The Court Of Owls

Now that most of the network series are back in production, we're starting to get some promo pieces. This one comes to us from Gotham and focuses on the Court of Owls that were introduced near the end of season two. Dr. Hugo Strange was taking orders from a woman in an owl mask. The […]

David Mazouz Reacts To Reading The Gotham Season Finale Script

My girlfriend tells me that people love watching unboxing videos. I don't get it, but it seems the folks at Gotham believe the same thing. Here we have actor David Mazouz who plays young Bruce Wayne getting to see the script for the season finale for the first time. Mazouz reads it while on camera […]

All Things Lead To Indian Hill And Hugo Strange

Gotham has been running two storylines since returning from their winter break. Who is behind the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne and what is going on at Indian Hill. Those two stories combine now in the form of Hugo Strange (B.D. Wong). This video includes Wong, Ben McKenzie, Robin Lord Taylor, Carmen Bicondova, Sean […]

The Rebirth of Azrael – A Gotham Featurette

Fox has released a new behind-the-scenes featurette focusing on the birth / re-birth of Azrael. After being killed by James Gordon (Ben McKenzie), Theo Galavan (James Frain) is brought back to life without knowing his own name by Hugo Strange (B D Wong). And the good doctor convinces the former mayor that he is a 17th […]

Gotham's Movie-Style Trailer for Azrael

Fox has released a movie-style trailer for the May 4th episode of Gotham. I the trailer we get a brief recap of what Bruce Wayne and James Gordon have been through since the night the Waynes were killed and we follow it along to the rebirth of Theo Galavan at the hands of Hugo Strange, […]

Patient 44 Is Coming To Gotham

Fox has released two new Gotham teaser trailers for the birth and re-birth of Patient 44. This ties into whatever Hugo Strange is doing in Indian Hill and to the bodies he's been collecting. But whose body are we talking about? Is this the transformation from Theo Galavan to Azrael that we've been expecting, is […]

Six Important Moments From Gotham – The Ball Of Mud And Meanness

This article contains spoilers for the Gotham episode – This Ball of Mud and Meanness. . . . . . In a way I think this is a turning point episode for a few characters. Bruce gets to confront his parents killer, Gordon sees what is happening to him by looking at another, Nygma gets […]

Six Important Moments From Gotham – A Dead Men Feel No Cold

This article contains spoilers for the Gotham episode A Dead Man Feels No Cold. . . . . . Last night we got the second part of the origin story for Victor Fries / Mr. Freeze. The character has been around in comics since 1959 (Batman #121), but really didn't get an origin story until […]

Hugo Strange Thinks Mr. Freeze Is A Romantic

Wrath of the Villains, what Gotham is calling the second part of their second season, continues tomorrow night as Dr. Hugo Strange (BD Wong) tries to discover Victor Fries' (Nathan Darrow) cryogenic formula form one of his victims when he learns that the GCPD wants to move Nora Fries (Kristen Hager) to the more secure […]

Six Important Moments From Gotham – Mr. Freeze

The following article contains spoilers for the mid-season return of Gotham – Mr Freeze. . . . . . Last night saw the mid-season return of Gotham, which in a lot of ways felt more like the premiere of a new season. The first part of the season focused on the rise and fall of […]

The Comic History Of Dr. Hugo Strange

With Dr. Hugo Strange set to appear in the Gotham TV series as portrayed by B.D. Wong, DC All-Access has put together a comic history on one of Batman's oldest villains. The character made his debut in 1940 in the pages of Detective Comics #36 and has appeared on and off over the years often […]