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I LOVE LUCY Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. September 21, 1954. Copyright CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. Credit: CBS Photo Archive.
Luci Loves Desi: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Sitcom is a 5-part BBC Radio 4 series about the making of the classic sitcom I Love Lucy that dropped today In a surprising casting coup, Anne Heche plays Lucille Ball and Wilmer Valeramma plays Desi Arnaz Other cast members include Jared Harris,[...]
The Brady Bunch. image courtesy of Paramount.
I Love Lucy, The Carol Burnett Show, The Brady Bunch, Get Smart, and I Dream Of Jeannie have all been rediscovered in our home Brought to our screen through streaming services, many of these shows were already in reruns when my spouse and I were children But, did they hold the interest of today's children? And[...]
Funko I Love Lucy Lucy Pop
I Love Lucy is one of the most iconic television shows of all time, and now it will be a line of Funko Pops! I have to say that this is one of those wave of Pops that should have been made a LONG time ago These are going to sneak up on people and[...]
[2018 Westminster Dog Show] Dog Show Confidential!
The youngest winner was the Rough Collie, Laund Loyalty of Bellhaven, who captured the award in 1929 at the age of exactly 9 months. ●  Every year, the Empire State Building is lit in the colors of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in honor of the show: purple and gold. ●  The Westminster Dog Show was first[...]