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Law & Order: STFU
Along with Mariska Hargitay, Sam Waterston, and many others, two individuals majorly responsible for the franchise's continued success are rapper/actor Ice-T and actor Christopher Meloni (Happy!) Before their current runs on "SVU" and "Organized Crime," respectively, the actors spent 11 seasons working with Hargitay on "SVU"… which means it's safe to say that Ice-T and[...]
saturday night live
Well, thanks to rapper, "Law & Order" franchise actor, and one of the best ensemble characters in six seasons of Adult Swim's Rick and Morty, Ice-T, we're getting the heads-up that we can expect him to hit our screens on Saturday Night. Image: NBC Screencap; Adult Swim screencap Here's a look at Ice-T's ten-ton hint via Instagram[...]
death for hire
Rap powerhouses Ice-T, founding NWA member Arabian Prince, and Dr Dre are teaming up on a multimedia project that will see lead to an animated series featuring an original score from none other than Dr Dre First up, Ice-T, Arabian Prince, and artist Tommy The Animator will be bringing Death For Hire: The Origin of Tehk[...]
law & order
To get fans ready, Meloni and Ice-T are taking them back in time to discuss some of their favorite Stabler-Sgt Odafin "Fin" Tutuola (Ice T) moments over the course of the season run And let's just say that while they may not have always seen eye-to-eye, saving a man from death-by-tiger goes a long way[...]
law & order
When it came to filming, he said it felt like "it was yesterday" and that once the cameras rolled on the duo, it was a "seamless, effortless endeavor." Image: Screencap Oh, and we mentioned a preview, right? Starting around the 5: mark, check out a more detailed look at the dinner conversation between Stabler and Ice-T's Fin-[...]
law & order
To help mark the time, we've been tracking the cast as they've checked in from production on both series- which brings us to the following post from Meloni that brings the three main OGs back together again; Meloni, Hargitay, and Ice-T (Fin) In previous teasers, we've seen Stabler explaining to Fin why it took so[...]
law & order
Now, we see who he's speaking with- and it ties in nicely to an SVU tease from a week or two ago. Image: Screencap Here's a look at Stabler explaining to Ice-T's Fin why it's been so long since he touched base with the gang- and maybe the reason why Fin dropped that ten-ton hint to Benson[...]
law & order
After years away, Stabler looks to rebuild both his life and career with a new unit and a new purpose- and now thanks to Ice-T's Fin, viewers are getting a clue to one of the reasons why Stabler's heading home. Image: NBC In the clip below from SVU, Benson is questioning whether she deserves NYPD Women in[...]
Law & Order SVU partners Benson and Stabler are being reunited. (Image: NBCU)
The last time we checked in on the gang, Ice-T (Sgt Odafin "Fin" Tutuola) shared a look on set with Meloni to remind everyone that… yes… this was actually happening Now, our focus stays on Ice-T- who took to Twitter to make a bold promise to Stabler/Benson fans out there: "all of your Liv and Stabler[...]
law & order
In the Instagram post below, Meloni and Ice-T offer greetings from the set- and we're going to assume that's Meloni telling us "two months" with that gesture and not the UK definition of it that we know a whole to better Ice-T plays Sgt Odafin "Fin" Tutuola, joining SVU during the second season and remaining[...]
Ice-T Would Like To See Def Jam: Fight For NY Return
In this week's "News From Outta Nowhere", Ice-T took to social media to say Def Jam: Fight For NY should get a reboot for next-gen consoles If you're not familiar with this particular game, kick back for a second and enjoy this fun oddity Back in 2002, when AKI was still up and running, the[...]
'Deadly Class' "Noise, Noise, Noise" Has Fun Messing with Marcus (SPOILER REVIEW)
Willie has his secrets, too, and the resolution to Marcus' conflict with him is heartbreaking. "Noise, Noise, Noise" continues Deadly Class' perfect record with music, with classic tracks from The Violent Femmes, Run DMC, Ice-T, Duran Duran, and The Descendants If you're a fan of that generation of music, you're going to be in for a[...]
Chiller Theatre Expo Evacuated After "Suspicious Device" Allegedly Found
Soles, Ken Foree, Ice-T and Coco, Carmen Elecktra, Gumby, artist Ed Pepka, and cast reunions from shows like L.A Law, Good Times, and The Love Boat, and films like Evil Dead, Day of the Dead, and more It has also been featured on the Travel Channel on shows like Toy Hunter and more. This threat comes[...]