Ice-T Would Like To See Def Jam: Fight For NY Return

In this week's "News From Outta Nowhere", Ice-T took to social media to say Def Jam: Fight For NY should get a reboot for next-gen consoles. If you're not familiar with this particular game, kick back for a second and enjoy this fun oddity. Back in 2002, when AKI was still up and running, the company partnered with the Canadian wing of Electronic Arts to develop a hip-hop influenced wrestling game that would end up being Def Jam Vendetta. The game included cameos from people like DMX, Ghostface Killah, Redman, Method Man, Ludacris, and more. It was successful enough to garner a couple of sequels, the most prominent of the bunch being Def Jam: Fight For NY in 2004, which featured a ton of hip-hop artists looking like versions of themselves acting out cutscenes about an underground fighting ring in NYC.

Who will you take into the heart of NY? Courtesy of Electronic Arts.
Who will you take into the heart of NY? Courtesy of Electronic Arts.

It's goofy and weird, but at the same time it was awesome and also set up some standards for storytelling in fighting games that you still see today. The game has a special place in some gamer's hearts. One of them being Ice-T, who was in the game as a playable character under Crow's crew (which was played by Snoop Dogg). Back on Friday, he took to Twitter to say, "Gamer Stuff: I think they really need to reboot this game for the new consoles" with an image of him in the game on the roster. As weird as it sounds, to us, that sounds like an AMAZING idea. Especially with the roster of hip-hop talent around these days, it could be one of the most popular fighting games to come out. That is, if Electronic Arts and the Def Jam as a company want to get together to make a new one.

In our opinion, if you got the right roster of people together (and they managed to put egos aside over the idea of one person beating down another), a new version of Def Jam: Fight For NY is basically a license to print money. How do you feel about it? Would you like to see a new version of the game?

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