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Speculator Corner: Divinity Strikes Again in Next Week's Imperium #7
Less publicized, however, has been the character's first follow-up appearance in the wider Valiant Universe…coming in the pages of next week's Imperium #7 by Joshua Dysart and Scot Eaton. As pictured in the preview below, the Imperium appearance appears to pick up the immediately after the events of the first Divinity series… Could this be the[...]
Book Of Death Concludes In The Valiant Solicitations For October 2015
Here we see the wrapping up of the Book Of Death event and a new story arc kicking off in Imperium #9. Book of Death #4 (of 4) Written by Robert Venditti Art by Robert Gill & Doug Braithwaite Covers by Cary Nord, Mico Suayan, Marguerite Sauvage, Pere Perez & Paolo Rivera An evil Geomancer has torn the[...]
X-O Manowar Gets Hitched And More Imperium In This Weeks Books From Valiant
And then there is Imperium #6, the second part of the Broken Angels story arc by Joshua Dysart and Scot Eaton. X-O Manowar #38 (Wedding Spectacular!) Written by Robert Venditti with Amy Chu, Andy Runton, and Rafer Roberts Art by Rafa Sandoval with Clayton Henry, Cafu, Andy Runton, and Rafer Roberts Covers by Rafa Sandoval, Cary Nord, Cafu,[...]
New Story Arc For Imperium And Dead Drop Continues
This week in stores from Valiant is Imperium #5 which kicks off the new story arc Broken Angels by Joshua Dysart and Scot Eaton and then there is Drop Dead #2 by Ales Kot and Adam Gorham. Imperium #5 (New arc! Broken Angels – Part 1) Written by Joshua Dysart Art by Scot Eaton Covers by Kano,[...]
Matt Kindt And Trevor Hairsine Reunite Early Next Year For Divinity II
And the character, a returning cosmonaut with great powers, will be seen in upcoming issues of Imperium. But next year, we get the second act… From the back of today's final issue of Divinity #4 from Valiant Entertainment, word of a sequel series around January or February, reuniting Matt Kindt and Trevor Hairsine for Divinity II. Well,[...]
Divinity #1 To Be Allocated (Again) In Advance Of Fifth Printing
Earlier this week, Valiant's August solicitations revealed that Divinity will be returning in Imperium #7 by Joshua Dysart and Scot Eaton with more likely to follow from there… It would seem Valiant has big plans for their Soviet cosmonaut with god-like powers… If Divinity #1 warrants a sixth printing, the series will join the rarified ranks[...]
Valiant Previews: Imperium #4, X-O Manowar #36 And Unity #18
Valiant has three new titles hitting comic shops next Wednesday and we have previews here for all three. IMPERIUM #4 Written by Joshua Dysart Art by Doug Braithwaite Covers by Rafael Albuquerque, Kano, Rafa Sandoval, Cary Nord and Doug Braithwaite The greatest villain in the Valiant Universe wages war…to create Utopia! New York Times bestselling writer Joshua[...]
Prints Charming – Black Science, Imperium And Ninjak…
The second printing will be in stores for May 27th. And Valiant Entertainment are going through a batch of second prints, with Imperium #2 and #3 hitting stores on 3rd June, along with Ninjak #1 and #2. And the Batman #40 second printing we reported on yesterday? Already sold out from Diamond Comic Distributors. Expect a third printing to follow… [...]
An Early Look At Imperium #5 By Joshua Dysart And Scot Eaton
We've got an advanced preview for the fifth issue of Valiant's on-going series Imperium This issue by Joshua Dysart and Scot Eaton kicks off a new story arc called Broken Angels where telekinetic despot Toyo Harada, inhuman robot Mech Major, super-powered terrorist Gravedog and lab-grown alien killing machine Lord Vine-99 deploy for their first field mission…and[...]
Valiant Previews – Imperium #3 and Rai #8
Imperium #3 by Joshua Dysart and Doug Braithwaite and Rai #8 by Matt Kindt and Clayton Crain. IMPERIUM #3 [VALIANT NEXT] Written by Joshua Dysart Art by Doug Braithwaite Covers by Raul Allen, Braithwaite, Cary Nord A better world By any means necessary The devastating new series escalates with an all-new chapter by New York Times best-selling writer[...]
Bloodshot Reborn #3, Imperium #5 And More In The Valiant Solicitations For June 2015
This includes Bloodshot Reborn #3, Imperium #5 and the X-O Manowar: Valiant 25th Anniversary Special. BLOODSHOT REBORN #3 [VALIANT NEXT] Written by JEFF LEMIRE Art by MICO SUAYAN with JEFF LEMIRE Covers by MICO SUAYAN, LEWIS LAROSA, DAS PASTORAS. YAN LEE The all-new ongoing series from New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire (THE VALIANT) and rising star Mico Suayan (HARBINGER) reaches a[...]
X-Men: Legacy Artist Scot Eaton Takes Over Valiant's Imperium With Issue #5
Veteran artist Scot Eaton (X-Men: Legacy) will team with Joshua Dysart for the next story arc starting in Imperium #5 In Broken Angels, Toyo Harada's latest superpower he wants to add to his growing legion is in the middle of a technologically advanced enemy stronghold at the bottom of the Indian Ocean No problem, right? Toyo[...]
Preview Of Dead Hands Pt 1 In X-O Manowar #34 Plus Imperium #2
The second issue of the Valiant Next title Imperium by Joshua Dysart and Doug Braithwaite and the start of a new story arc Dead Hand in X-O Manowar #34 by Robert Venditti and Diego Bernard. IMPERIUM #2 [VALIANT NEXT) Written by JOSHUA DYSART Art by DOUG BRAITHWAITE Covers by RAUL ALLEN, DOUG BRAITHWAITE, BUTCH GUICE and LEWIS LAROSA The[...]
Valiant Issues Retailer Warning Over Imperium #1 Prelude
Valiant Entertainment have issued a Retailer Advisory note over Imperium #1 and X-O Manowar #33. An "Imperium Prelude" was meant to appear in the middle of X-O Manowar #33 but turned up in Imperium #1 instead, interrupting the story – and arriving at retailers this week. As a result, Valiant will be reprinting Imperium without the preldue,[...]