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Insomniac Games Adds Two More DLC Suits to Marvel's Spider-Man
Insomniac Games has added two new DLC suits for Marvel's Spider-Man that you can get absolutely free, and both have some specific throwback nostalgia First off, we have the black and white high-tech suit that Spidey wore when he was a part of the Fantastic Four, during a period when they were calling themselves The[...]
Marvel's Spider-Man — Bryan Intihar (@bryanintihar) January 25, 2019 Just to put a little clarity on the situation, it would be dumb of Sony and Insomniac Games not to capitalize on a title that was basically a winner before it even hit consoles So we're confident that somewhere down the road, we're going to see Marvel's Spider-Man 2,[...]
Marvel's Spider-Man
We've been wondering if Insomniac Games would put anymore DLC into Marvel's Spider-Man, and this evening, we got an answer. As part of Marvel Games' final Fantastic Four Week livestream announcement, the company sent out a tweet that got everyone instantly talking about what's on the way And if it actually holds true, it might be[...]
Marvel's Spider-Man
Insomniac Games managed to find the right tone and feeling for everything, with tempos and beats that harkened back to other incarnations of Spider-Man in TV, film, games, and other media, while still having an identity all it's own that felt like a unique Spider-Man experience through sound. credit//Marvel Some of the best tracks for you to[...]
Insomniac Games Adds the Maguire Suit to Marvel's Spider-Man
One of the most requested Spidey suits has finally been added to Marvel's Spider-Man today by Insomniac Games, and it's completely free The company has added the Toby Maguire suit, the one from the 2002, 2004, and 2007 Sam Raimi Spider-Man films, looking about as pristine and complete as it can with the raised webbing[...]
Former Telltale Games Lead Writer Joins Insomniac Games
Some cool news for one of Telltale Games' former lead writers as Mary Kenney has officially joined up with Insomniac Games Kenney had a hand in more than one of the company's storylines from several of the IP's they worked on before everything went to hell Primarily for both Batman: The Enemy Within and The Walking Dead[...]
Insomniac Games Releases Two New Patches for Marvel's Spider-Man
Insomniac Games just sent out a brand new pair of patches for Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4, both set to fix and add new material before New Game+ comes We have the quick list of what's been added below as these are changes the company promised would come to the game before the next awesome features[...]
Marvel's Spider-Man
Nothing has come anywhere near as close to replicating the experience of being a hero than in that series. credit//Insomniac Games Or rather, nothing had With Marvel's Spider-Man, Insomniac has put together a special experience that truly puts you inside the suit of the web-slinger Not only is it the best Spider-Man game ever by quite some[...]
Marvel's Spider-Man Has Invaded the New York City Subway System
credit// James Stevenson via Twitter Insomniac Games' Marvel's Spider-Man has taken over the New York City Subway in Manhattan, covering the Times Square–Grand Central shuttle trains in red, blue, and white Commuters on the line are pretty used to seeing take-over adverts on the S line trains as the shuttle has been used over the years to[...]
Marvel's Spider-Man Screenshots April 18-5
Insomniac Games has announced that Marvel's Spider-Man is done principal development and has gone gold. credit//Insomniac Games While there have been many Spider-Man games in the past, I don't think I remember the hype and expectations of the game reaching quite the levels we are at with Insomniac Games' upcoming effort There is a good reason for that[...]
Insomniac Games Releases SDCC Trailer for Marvel's Spider-Man
It's San Diego Comic-Con time, and it wouldn't be a proper convention without a visit from your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Insomniac Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment decided to bring some of their big guns to the event and released a brand new trailer for Marvel's Spider-Man specifically for SDCC There's so much to take in this[...]