Insomniac Games Bring Their Spider-Man PS4 Game To D23

Insomniac Games Bring Their Spider-Man PS4 Game To D23

Insomniac Games and Marvel Games' Bill Rosemann took the stage at D23's LevelUp! Games panel to talk Spider-Man PS4. The first thing they talked about was why they're doing a Spider-Man game, which I feel like is a silly question to ask, but okay. The answer should have been "because Spider-Man," but instead they graced us with an actual answer that boiled down to NYC, gadgets, and web-slinging.

The new video goes into some of the new gameplay mechanics that we'll be dealing with in the new game, as well as the changes we'll see in Peter Parker this time around. For one, we're getting an older Peter. For another, we'll get to see his apartment in the city.

The villain this time around is going to be Mr. Negative. They focused on the sense of duality for both Peter and Mr. Negative as they deal with different aspects of themselves, and a bit of a double-life as well.


Go behind the scenes at Insomniac Games as they create an all-new, original Spider-Man story with a more experienced Peter Parker. See how the team at Insomniac Games, in collaboration with Marvel Games and PlayStation, is building a blockbuster action experience where Peter Parker and Spider-Man's worlds collide.

Apparently that "Worlds collide" bit is going to be important. In any case, the video shown at the panel is below.

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