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Ready Player One — Ready Player One (@readyplayerone) January 21, 2018 Here's some of the new scenes we noticed: A shot of some average citizens using the haptic rigs The ioi drones on the hunt I'm thinking this is Wade sitting in Halliday's house, because the bag of doritos is the classic logo Parzival (Wade's OASIS avatar) goes to the Halliday Journal building Parzival[...]
New Ready Player One Trailer Is a Basket of Easter Eggs for Fans
Oh hey look at that murderous doll Chucky taking down some ioi dudes Parzival and Art3mis in the Delorean (the Ecto-88) during the battle Parzival reaches towards what we think may be the nuke held by Nolan Surrento's avatar A grand explosion during what we think is the attack and defense of the third and final gate. Lara Croft[...]
Ready Player One
Filled with odes and love letters to all things '80s science fiction and fantasy, the novel is a modern gamer fairytale.  There are lich kings in dungeons to battle, there are films to reenact (although we're now thinking that's not going to make it into the film), and, of course, a set of like-minded adventurers. Steven[...]