Sequential – The Digital Boutique Graphic Novel App Goes Live (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Yes, sorry folks, UK and Ireland only… Sequential, the digital boutique graphic novel app that we covered in depth a few weeks ago, has gone live on Apple iOS devices. Launch titles include From Hell, Nelson, Verity Fair, Bolland Strips, Hugo Tate and more. Many of the titles include extras, including audio tracks. The […]

Marvel Unlimited On The iPad And iPhone Properly Now

People have been asking for this for a while and Marvel have been promising it. It went to beta in December but now it's all proper and everything. Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, or now the less DC Comics-baiting Marvel Unlimited is a fully fledged iOS App, delivering all-you-can-eat streaming of past Marvel comics to subscribers. […]

Phoenix Comic Launches App, With Free Issue. You Know, For Kids.

That's a serious bargain right there.So, if you have a kid or know of a kid who uses an iPad and doesn't have a Phoenix subscription, buy them one And turn them into a comics fan for life.Bleeding Cool has been repeatedly praising Phoenix Comic, a weekly anthology comic for kids sold in Britain[...]

How To Access The Marvel DCU For Free… On PC, On iPhone, On Android

The Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited digital subscription service, where thousands of comics have been made available for all-you-can-eat consumption, has been arranged in Beta for compatability with iOS, dropping the Flash language version that prevented it before. But in doing so, they let anyone try it out… for free. As long as you can guess […]

Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Comes To iPad And IPhone

But it's on its way, Marvel's all-you-can-eat digital service, the Marvel DCU, to be available on Apple devices such as the iPad, iPhone and iTouch, now that Flash is no longer needed...It's still just in beta But it's on its way, Marvel's all-you-can-eat digital service, the Marvel DCU, to be available on Apple devices[...]

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 Vs New iPad For Reading Digital Comics

In a new video David Berlanga looks at the merits of reading digital comics on the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 over and above the new retina screen iPads.He starts by comparing print to digital, befoire comparing your digital reading choices around the eight minute mark During which he makes some very valid points I hadn't[...]

The Walking Dead iOS Game Based On The Comic Book

Well isn't that interesting? A Walking Dead iOS game… nothing unusual in that. But it's one that's visually and tonally based on the comic book rather than the TV series. Walking Dead: Assault plays like a decent rescource-managed action fighter like Judge Dredd but, unlike that game, it uses artistic elements directly from the comic […]

Unboxing Anomaly And Cracking Open The iPad

And then filmed it through the Anomaly iPad app And discovered a whole new world...[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5HTTcOhxH0[/youtube]The Augmented Reality kicks in around 3:30 I don't do all the pages, but I film a fair number of them so, you know, warning, spoilers.... So anyway, I got this massive Anomaly graphic novel hardcover through the post[...]

Six Reasons Why A Paper Magazine Is Better Than An iPad Version

You wont get mugged over a copy of Vogue, but you will if you read it on an iPad.Being a book worm, although these days you would have to call it a content addict I have perfected over a number of years the art of walking down the street and reading Mostly it's a book,[...]

Watch This Prometheus Video Closely And Try To Win An iPad

Ridley Scott's phenomenally ambitious epic will be available as a Blu-ray 3D Collector’s Edition, Blu-ray and DVD from October 8th.To mark the occasion, here's a pretty groovy chance for you to win an iPad Much more user friendly than that futuro-Rubiks cube thing they have on board the Prometheus.So, what you have to do is watch[...]

Now An iPhone Made Of Fire

Matt Harding writes for Bleeding Cool;Madefire Studios, the makers of interactive digital comics "Treatment," and "Mono" introduced us yesterday to their new iPhone app, which mirrors their existing iPad application perfectly.The stories remain completely interactive, including "Mono's" insane 360 panel The app exists for almost all iPhone models, including my clunky 3GS, as well as[...]

Review: Young Bottoms In Love

Louis Falcetti writes for Bleeding Cool; I have no experience with romance comics. Romance, I'm fairly well acquainted with, although we haven't been on speaking terms as of late. I love comic books, but they seem to be the genre that I have the least romantic experience with. I enjoy having my heart torn open […]

How To Save Money On Your iPad ComiXology Comics – For You And The Publishers

When a American customer purchases comics via the iOS Comixology app, Apple adds almost 9% sales tax onto the final price.However, making the same purchase via the Comixology website does not incur the same tax.Even if you do it on your iPad with the Safari browser.Of course, it's not just that 9% that you're saving[...]

The 2000AD Day-And-Date Digital Experience

Oh and pay twice the price.You can see why it never really caught on.Well, yesterday, 2000AD launched it's first Apple App, for the iPad and iPhone And made 2000AD avalailable to download from the Apple Newsstand, on day-and-date digital terms, at £1.99 or $2.99 a copy, compared to a £2.25 or $5 print price.However the[...]