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Archangel, Iron Man 3 and DC Comics Decisions, LITG for March 30, 2020

While comic book retailers, publishers, manufacturers and distributors continue to struggle with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the comic book industry, it's good to know that what people still have a high interest in the things that industry is publishing and manufacturing.  Top examples from yesterday include posts about Archangel statues and Iron[...]

Iron Man Hall of Armor Gets a Second Series from Hot Toys

Iron Man Hall of Armor Gets a Second Series from Hot Toys

This time we get to see the suits from Iron Man 3 it does look like this is a set of six compared to the usual seven, but it seems that the Neon Tech War Machine can join the team and he can be found here I do wish he was included that way collectors[...]

Iron Man Hall of Armor Figures from Beast Kingdom: Coming Soon!

Iron Man is coming to Beast Kingdom and is dropping in with another amazing Egg Action Attack series of figures. This time it's the armor sets Mark 1 – 7! Each comes with interconnecting cases that light up and gives you a way to fill out your hall of armor. They are 3 inches tall […]

Two New Iron Man Figures From Beast Kingdom are Up For Order

Two Iron Man Egg Attack Figures From Beast Kingdom are Up For Order

Both are hitting stores in November, and feature his Mark 42 armor from Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Mark 43 armor from Iron Man 3 Both will come interchangeable parts and LED light effects that seem to be standard in most Iron Man figures these days Retail for each will be $80 Check out both[...]

Three New Figuarts Preorders Are Up: Yoda, Iron Man, and Gamera

Next, the gold and black "Python Armor" from the House Protocol scene in Iron Man 3 This version of shellhead will come with three pairs of hands, effects pieces, and interchangeable shoulder and arm parts Lastly is the MonsterArts release of Gamera He comes with a ton of flight pieces and pedestals for his flight[...]

Jon Favreau To Return As Happy Hogan In Spider-Man: Homecoming

Back in Iron Man 3, he was injured, but offered a vital piece of information Since Tony's "retirement" at the end of that film, it seemed there was less for Happy to do Or, perhaps, he had more to do as head of security at Stark Industries and less time to hang out with Avengers.But[...]

Shane Black Calls A Monster Squad Sequel "Interesting"

Shane Black of Iron Man 3 and The Nice Guys fame says it would be "interesting" to come back to The Monster Squad.The original film, directed by Fred Dekker, was one of Black's first projects Looking back on it now, it features early versions of hallmark Black ideas and characters It was a box office[...]

Shane Black Clarifies When His Predator Film Will Take Place

We're on earth, the time is now." He also noted the events of Predators have not yet occurred as the characters in that film are from the future.The Iron Man 3 director also mentioned his possible Doc Savage film will be a synthesis of the original novels "It becomes nigh impossible to pick any one[...]

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two Blu-ray 3D Box Set Announced

It will contain all six movies in Phase Two, from Iron Man 3 to Ant Man with a bevy of special features It all comes in a collector's case inspired by the Morag orb seen in Guardians of the Galaxy.Each film will come in their Blu-ray 3D and Blu-ray form, with all the features from[...]

OPM Hackers Are Big Marvel Comics Fans

This is a side-effect of the move by Marvel Studios to get their films distributed more widely in China, that they may not have anticipated.Iron Man 3 was co-produced by The Walt Disney Company China, Marvel Studios and Chinese firm DMG Entertainment and partially filmed there, enabling the movie to be better distributed I  the country[...]

Real Estate Agent Fakes Iron Man Villa Listing To Fool Gullible Websites

Just a shame that it doesn't exist.Faking a listing for the property, it is advertised as the house destroyed in the movie Iron Man 3, with copy such as, Recently refurbished following an incident with a disgruntled neighbour, the property has been decorated to the highest standard, equipped with all the amenities of a home away[...]

Did Shane Black Write The Same Movie Twice

I was skeptical when I came across the video by Couch Tomato that compares the 90s movie Lethal Weapon 2 to the much more recent Iron Man 3.. but then they started rattling off the number of similarities in the two Shane Black written films and I started to buy in So here are the[...]

Guardians Of The Galaxy Has Best Late Night Opening Of 2014

This is up substantially over the original $60 to $65 estimate that was being used earlier in the week.$1.9 million of last nights take came from the 354 IMAX screens which makes it the biggest pre-release (overnight) opening for an August IMAX film ever and puts it behind only Iron Man 3 for IMAX pre-releases[...]

Marvel's All Hail The King Gets A Promo Poster‏

This design may never see a sheet of paper in its entire life but Marvel have, nonetheless, released a poster for All Hail The King, Drew Pearce's sorta kinda sequel to Iron Man 3.That was premiered at EW.All Hail The King runs to just fifteen minutes long and comes packaged just as a bonus[...]

First Clip From Marvel's Mandarin Movie All Hail The King Has Arrived‏

Marvel have unveiled the first moments of All Hail The King, Drew Pearce's Marvel One Shot centred on Ben Kingsley's character from Iron Man 3 The full film will be released as a bonus on the Blu-ray version of Thor: The Dark World.While there's no embeddable version, you can see the clip at EW.I don't[...]

Can't Get Enough Iron Man 3 Stuff? Hot Toys Has You Covered

Did you get crap for Christmas, you've already stood in the return line and that cash is burning a hole in your pocket? You want to spend it, but you just can't find any new Iron Man 3 toys to buy? (If this description fits you.. you may want to spend the money on therapy..[...]

Rumoured Plans For The Mandarin At Marvel Seem To Undermine Iron Man 3

I've yet to hear a legitimate argument against Iron Man 3's "big villain reveal" - in general, rather than any specifics of how this reveal might have been paced or staged - but if you think you have one, now's the time to rehearse it.According to a new report at Latino Review, which could very[...]