Funko Marvel Cinematic Universe – Iron Man 3 (2013)

The Avengers was a blockbuster hit, and fans were finally excited to see some of their favorite heroes unite on the big screen. The question now was what is next for our heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how they are dealing with such a world-changing event. We now jump into the life of Tony Stark with Iron Man 3 and see how his life has changed. There are seven Funko Pops in this Pop wave with one retailer exclusive and two exclusives from San Diego Comic Con 2013. Let's suit up and fly right into our next Funko Marvel Cinematic Universe deep dive with Iron Man 3.

Of course, the first Funko we are going to look at is Iron Man, which features that more gold than red armor design. This wave was released in 2013, and it features that classic old-school body mold. In this wave, we also have James Rhodes getting his first appearance in the Funko Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is getting two Pops with the arrivals of War Machine and his new paint job Iron Patriot. Both of these Funko Pops are nearly the same but feature a different paint scheme. The Iron Patriot Funko Pop did also get a Hot Topic exclusive too. The Hot Topic exclusive Iron Patriot shows off a metallic finish that brings a little extra shine to his patriotic armor. Last but not least is the Deep Space Suit that we see during the House Protocol seen at the end of Iron Man 3. This Pop features a new and unique suit of armor that we rarely see. With a silver and gold finish, this is one Iron Man collectible that fans will not want to miss out on.

We now move onto two of the hardest Funko Pops in the Iron Man 3 collection with the San Diego Comic Con 2013 exclusives. There were two exclusives headed to San Diego that year with Tony Stark and James Rhodes. Both figures feature an unmasked version of the characters, and it really brings the set full circle. The 2013 SDCC Tony Stark is the second-highest Funko in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, coming in at a minimum of $500. Both characters are nicely sculpted and are pretty similar to their standard counterparts but have that new head sculpt. They both share that glorious 2013 SDCC sticker, which is quite hot in the Funko community. Both of these are worthy additions to the Iron Man 3 wave and as SDCC exclusives.

Funko Marvel Cinematic Universe - Iron Man 3 (2013)
House Party Protocol, Credit: Marvel Studios

This wave of seven Funko pops a nice start for Iron Man 3. There is still plenty of other characters we would love to see you get their own Funko Pop treatment for. Some other characters we wish made the cut would be Pepper Potts, Happy Hogan, The Mandarin, Harley, Aldrich Killian, Brandt, Coldblood, and a nice variety of Iron Man armor from the House Party Protocol. Nowadays, Funko packs in many characters and scenes into these new sets, so I can only imagine all the Iron Man armor they would release if it came out now. The Iron Man 3 Funko Pops are highly popular in the Funko community and quite rare in general. Each one is beautifully designed and captures pivotal characters and scenes from the not as popular MCU film. All of these Funko Pops are vaulted, so they are very hard to come by, but Funko is constantly revealing new Marvel Pops, which fans can find here. So maybe in the future, fans can see more of Iron Man three come to life in the future.

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