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Jay Fotos is a regular at Bleeding Cool, and he has a stormingly entertaining project on Kickstarter, the eighties throwback horror series with a modern twist, Rising Rebels He writes; Remember when monsters, knife-wielding maniacs, cannibalistic zombies and demons of all shapes and sizes lived on the shelves of the local video store? No? Well the[...]
Jonathan Maberry Combines Science and Ethnic Cleansing for Pandemica at IDW
IDW Publishing announced another new comic coming this fall, from writer Jonathan Maberry, artist Alex Sanchez, and colorist Jay Fotos Called Pandemica, the book is about America on the "verge of war" getting set to launch "purity bombs" to perform ethnic cleansing on the populace So basically, it's just regular present-day America. A press release provides[...]
Kidwell, Zornow And Fotos Return To War – '68: Rule Of War
The four-issue mini-series by Mark Kidwell, Jeff Zornow and Jay Fotos changes the focus from the zombies to more human monsters. The new series follows CIA Special Agent Declan Rule and his dog Nero as they hunt down a neurosurgeon who is using POW's for grisly and inhuman experiments. "Readers will see how a human imagination, backed[...]
'68 Rule Of War Covers Revealed
The other hit Zombie comic from Image Comics, '68 will start a new mini-series  this April written by Mark Kidwell, art by Jeff Zornow and colors by Jay Fotos '68: Rule Of War will be the fourth mini-series for the title to go along with a few one-shots The most recent release was '68: Hollowed[...]
Live From The Comic Shop: Wraith, Umbral, Rocket Girl Expand Their Genres
It's out from IDW with art by Charles Paul Wilson III, colors by Jay Fotos, and Letters by Shawn Lee and Robbie Robins Let's start with some stunning prose by Hill from the mouth of sinister chauffer Charlie Manx: "…there are the private roads of thought, where emotions are weather, blowing across the landscape of[...]
Free Digital Version Of Niles And Jones Edge Of Doom Trade
Niles reposted about this today though it looks like he initially put this out last year… but hell, free is free right? Here is a link to the entire Edge Of Doom trade paperback by Steve Niles, Kelly Jones and Jay Fotos. Niles describes the series: "With Kelley on top of his game and Jay Fotos doing some of the[...]
'68, Vietnam And Jane Fonda
The persons named in inflammatory claims about this apocryphal incident have repeatedly and categorically denied the events they supposedly were part of. The response? Artist Jay Fotos wrote; There is a lot of contervesary surrounding this event True or false take it as you may, it's entertaining to say the least on how it spins off in[...]