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Jazmine Joyner Joins IDW As Associate Editor
Jazmine Joyner tweeted out the news "So I'm very bad at celebrating myself but I'm trying to be better about it This week I started my new position as an Associate Editor at @IDWPublishing! I'm so excited to go on this journey!" Jazmine Joyner avatar by Kelly Deng. Formerly Assistant Editor at Abrams Books' Megascope Graphic Imprint[...]
Women Of Color In Media: Visibility Achieved; Next Step, Representation
Sawyer (writer, publisher, WinC founder), Jewels Smith ([H]afrocentric writer and creator, activist), Vanee Smith-Matsalia (writer, educator), Jay Justice (cosplayer, activist), Alice Meichi Li (comic book artist, illustrator), Leen Isabel (cosplayer, artist, creator of Pole Dancing Adventures), Jazmine Joyner (comic book store owner), and Jules Rivera (comic book creator). The unanimous bottom line for the topic of[...]