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Ravensburger Announces New Spring 2021 Puzzle Lineup
However, there's often a need to spice things up, so to speak, and as such, Ravensburger has updated their puzzle lineup for Spring 2021! Ravensburger's "Cozy Wine Terrace" puzzle, a new addition to 2021's collection of games by the company. This year's spring releases include 88 jigsaw puzzles, specially geared to satisfy most any person with a[...]
Monopoly board
According to the NPD Group, sales of board games and jigsaw puzzles have risen over 240% during the first week of official lockdown in the United Kingdom due to the COVID-19 pandemic Additionally, complex construction kits such as LEGO Technic toy sets rose during this time. The board for the classic game Monopoly, by Hasbro. The NPD[...]
Ravensburger Announces 1st NA Jigsaw Puzzle Championship
Ravensburger, the renowned maker of jigsaw puzzles and of other various board games, has announced their plans for a North American jigsaw puzzle competition. Source: Ravensburger From their press release: Ravensburger Announces North America Jigsaw Puzzle Championship First Annual Competition To Debut on Saturday, May 30th in Minneapolis, MN Ravensburger, the world leader in jigsaw puzzles, will launch a brand-new puzzle competition this[...]