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Garfield Went Noir in the Emmy-Winning Babes and Bullets Special
It is numbered "1." The condition of this piece is marked as Very Good with minor handling and edge wear, a small crease and tear on its left edge, and tape on the peg holes of the cel. Garfield fans can now head to Heritage Auctions to bid on this piece from the Jim Davis Collection. [...]
Garfield's Halloween Adventure Production Cel Hits Auction
Who doesn't love a cat in a costume? Garfield, the cartoon inspired by Jim Davis's strips, is wildly imaginative, taking Garfield, Odie, and even owner Jon Arbuckle on wild fantasy adventures That makes this cartoon one of the most fun to feature when talking about Heritage Auctions because of the sheer variety of the artwork[...]
Garfield and Odie Have A Moment in This Memorable Scene
This episode of the animated series based on Jim Davis' iconic cartoon has been a recurring subject of my writing Many of the production cels have been available for fans to bid on at Heritage Auctions Now, we have come to perhaps the best cel that has gone up for bid so far because it contains[...]
The Jim Davis Collection Sells Garfield Christmas Production Cel
The Jim Davis Collection has brought yet another holiday-themed Garfield production cel setup to Heritage Auctions Previously, Bleeding Cool reported on Garfield's Christmas special here Now, there is a cel featuring two iconic characters from the show, Garfield and his owner Jon Arbuckle This 1987 special is memorable for being disarmingly charming and heartwarming, which was[...]
Garfield Goes Noir in This Production Cel Now On Auction
What a great close-up of the brooding feline investigator! The condition of this Garfield piece from the Jim Davis Collection is marked as "Very Good," with a note citing minor handling and edge wear Garfield cans can head over to Heritage Auctions right here to bid on this item Best of luck! In my time reporting[...]
Get Festive With This Garfield Christmas Special Production Cel
This holiday season, fans of Jim Davis's Garfield can celebrate their love of this lasagna-obsessed cartoon cat with a special item Heritage Auctions features a production cel from 1987's A Garfield Christmas, the Emmy Award-nominated special that creator and writer Jim Davis cited as being based in part on his life The Christmas special contains notable moments for[...]
Chris Bachalo's “Death of the Endless” Sandman Sketch Hits Auction
Cartoonist Jim Davis launched Garfield in 1978 and still draws it to this day, continuing an incredible 42-year run on this iconic title The title that would become Garfield even dates a bit earlier than 1978, as the strip Jon published in the Pendleton Times would serve as the basis for Garfield and introduced the soon-t0-be iconic Jon Arbuckle[...]
Funny Garfield Strip Art Up For Auction At Heritage Auctions
Credit Heritage Auctions Garfield Is Just So Special Jim Davis Garfield Daily Comic Strip Original Art dated 6-13-80 (United Feature Syndicate, 1980). Garfield is starring in his own action film, and as danger approaches… it's time for Odie, the stunt dog! This wild and wacky daily was produced in ink and Zipatone over blue pencil on Bristol board, with an image area[...]
Nickelodeon Buys Garfield; Davis Will Continue Comic Strip
today announced that they have purchased Paws, Inc., the multimedia empire of cartoonist Jim Davis, along with the rights to his most famous creation, Garfield, along with the less popular U.S Acres, which has fallen in prominence in recent years since star Orson the Pig fell in with a bad crowd of 30-50 feral hogs[...]
Garfield Creator Jim Davis Draws Galactus For Marvel's Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #26
Bleeding Cool Rumormonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston may have a problem with the art in Marvel's Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, but comics legend and Garfield creator Jim Davis appears to have a different opinion Davis joins an already packed creative team for November's Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #26, a special issue of the comic presented as a comics zine[...]
Ch-Ch-Changes: Mark Evanier Will Write Garfield/Grumpy Cat Crossover, Not Jim Davis
Last week, BOOM! Studios announced the super-mega-crossover event to end all super-mega-crossover events: Grumpy Cat/Garfield! That's right, two of comics' most iconic feline characters will finally share a series this Summer, and comics will never be the same again! The original press release said that Garfield creator Jim Davis would write the story: An exclusive partnership between Dynamite[...]
The 9 Lives Of Garfield – From Cave Cat To Space Cat
Back in 1984, Garfield creator Jim Davis did a series of illustrated short stories called Garfield: His 9 Lives that took his character through various eras of history In 1988 it was done as an animated special Now 30 years after they were first done, KaBOOM! the all-ages imprint of BOOM! Studios is going to relive those[...]