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Pokémon GO Tour: Hoenn Begins Today With Shiny Jirachi & More
The biggest event of the year so far is now live in Pokémon GO. Pokémon GO Tour: Hoenn has gone global, bringing Shiny Jirachi, Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre, and every remaining Shiny release from Hoenn into the game Let's get into the details. Shiny Jirachi in Pokémon GO[...]
The Cards of Pokémon TCG: Silver Tempest Part 25: Radiant Jirachi
No Radiant Mew, Celebi, Victini, and so on? What a miss! Anyway, Radiant Jirachi is far and away my favorite Radiant Pokémon after Radiant Eevee, with this card's artwork showing just how beautiful Radiants can be when given artwork that is more than just a figure drawing over a swirl of color Artist Ryuta Fuse gives[...]
Shiny Jirachi, Primal Kyogre, & Primal Groudon Coming to Pokémon GO
I wonder if any of the Trainers we gave profiled at Bleeding Cool like ZöeTwoDots or Kriket_23 will be there. Shiny Jirachi release: Just like Mew's Shiny release with Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto, Jirachi is here with GO Tour: Hoenn. Increased Shiny odds: Trainers will have an increased chance of encountering Shiny Pokémon originally discovered in the Hoenn region. Bonuses: These[...]
The Cards of Pokémon TCG: Astral Radiance Part 34: Full Art Jirachi
In the middle here is far and away my favorite Full Art of the set: Jirachi V Full Art by N-DESIGN Inc The celestial swirl of pink and purple behind a cheerful, floating Jirachi makes this, to me, as beautiful as any Alt Art from Astral Radiance Then, to the right, Ryo Ueda delivers a Machamp V Full[...]
Pokémon TCG Japan: Incandescent Arcana Preview: Radiant Jirachi
Shiny Jirachi flies over, its gaze full of wonder. This is Radiant. Japanese sets often give us early ideas of what the English-language sets may include, so be sure to keep an eye on our coverage You can stay tuned for previews of Incandescent Arcana cards as well as updates on everything Pokémon TCG right here at[...]
The Cards of Pokémon TCG: Celestial Storm Part 14: Steel-types
Stakataka uses red bits in the design to work beautifully with the red tone that Ultra Beast GXs get. My favorite Steel-type in Sun & Moon – Celestial Storm, however, is the Jirachi Prism Star With art by Kouki Saitou, this Prism Star depicts the adorable Mythical Pokémon looking happier than ever[...]
The Cards of Pokémon TCG: Shining Legends Part 9: Shining Jirachi
Today, let's look at two of the cutest common cards as well as one of the set's mascot hits. Shining Legends Shining Jirachi Credit: Pokémon TCG After Shining Mew, Shining Rayquaza is largely considered the next-best Shining card, and it's no wonder Shiny Rayquaza has a terrific design and the card features stellar artwork[...]