Tuesday Trending Topics: "The Clock Ticked Down At Fox"

Joe Carnahan's most recent tweet on the matter seems even more definitive than his earlier comments were: it doesn't sound good for Daredevil at Fox.  Perhaps Carnahan will get another shot at Daredevil or another character somewhere, some day. His sizzle reel for DD looks like a good take.


Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

Is Uncanny Avengers Less Racially Diverse Than The Red Skull's Team? 

The Uncanny Avengers team, as seen on the cover for their first issue, and the lead title for the Marvel NOW! Relaunch are white., Very white. Sure, one is an Asgardian, but that's hardly helping their case. The best you can go with is that the Scarlet Witch is Romany… meanwhile The Red Skull, evil Nazi under Adolf Hitler, has a team that look a little more genetically diverse. Even if that means two of them have animal heads.

Review: Avengers Vs X-Men #10

This is an advance review of Avengers Vs X-Men #10. It attempts to avoid spoilers that may impede your reading experience.

Ultimates #15 Shaping Up To Be A Big Media Moment

I do not know what is in Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates #15, out next month, by Sam Humphries and Luke Ross, part of the "Divided We Fall" crossover.

M0st-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

VIDEO: Joss Whedon Calls For A Pre-Emptive Boycott Of Sleepwalk With Me 

Mike Birbiglia is a regular contributor to This American Life and a stand-up comedian. He's just turned his one man show Sleepwalk With Me into a film, and later this month it will be opening in a mere handful of cinemas across the US.

Looks Like Fox's Daredevil Is In Dire Straits And Joe Carnahan's Take Is Dead

Fox had recently set Joe Carnahan to work, trying to formulate a new take on Marvel's Man Without Fear, Daredevil, so that they could get before the cameras rolling before the ticking clock on their contract runs out.

Is The New Doctor Who Series Going To Start At 6.20 On Saturday August 25th? (UPDATE: NO) 

The first episode of new Doctor Who is going to premiere tonight at the BFI Southbank. We're not officially there, but we have eyes and ears on the ground.


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