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Bendy & The Dark Revival Reveals New Launch Date
Developer and publisher Joey Drew Studios announced this week that Bendy & The Dark Revival will be coming out this month The sequel to the original game Bendy & The Ink Machine has been talked about for a while now, but up until this point, we'd only really seen bits and pieces of it, with[...]
Bendy and the Ink Machine Receives a New Holiday Short
The fine people at Joey Drew Studios put together a brand new animated short for Bendy and the Ink Machine for the holidays It's not a big animated production, just a little something from the creators as if the fake animation studio in the game created a holiday short way back in the day before a[...]
Bendy and the Ink Machine on Xbox is Gorgeous and Immersive
credit//TheMeatly Games The Meatly Games and Joey Drew Studios' Bendy and the Ink Machine is hauntingly immersive and terrifyingly gorgeous The game tells the story of an animator who lost himself to insanity in one of the most aesthetically pleasing ways I've seen portrayed in a video game While Bendy is already out on PC, the game's final[...]