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Earlier this weekend, Bleeding Cool first reported that John Bradshaw Layfield was quitting his job as announcer of WWE's Smackdown Live to concentrate on charity work Though there was some speculation that it could have to do with the bullying controversy with Mauro Ranallo earlier this year, a new report from Sports Illustrated indicates JBL[...]
Getting Blocked By JBL Is Now A Journalistic Badge Of Honor
Members of the media and many more are finding out today that JBL (WWE's John Bradshaw Layfield) is about as thin-skinned as they come to criticism as he has proceeded to block hundreds of people from his Twitter account. credit//WWE Confirmed by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, JBL has been going through social media and blocking[...]
Could Donald Trump Be Hinting At A Wrestlemania Return By Tweeting WWE Superstar JBL?
Take, for instance, former WWE Champion and Smackdown Live commentator John Bradshaw Layfield, who also happens to be a financial analyst for Fox News, and also has some other things in common with Trump besides his pro wrestling career. JBL had some kind words for Trump's affect on the stock market, and the President himself reached out[...]