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The Batman Hater Rises – Dark Days: The Casting #1 Review

He runs across the likes of Wonder Woman and Talia al Ghul in these sections, which are done up by John Romita Jr.Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Batman associate Duke Thomas are still in Batman’s cave, shocked by the presence of the Joker and attempting to parcel out how and why he is there[...]

Dark Days: The Casting

Dark Days: The Casting #1 Review – Seeing The Shape Of Metal

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Dark Days: The Casting is the second comic prelude to DC's enlarging event, Metal. And while I am sure there are still surprises yet to come, Dark Days: The Casting may in fact be an incredibly apt name – because we can finally get a real sense of the shape of how this […]

Very Sassy Batman Statue Leads DC Collectibles January 2018 Offerings

DC has revealed that a gorgeous and highly collectible Very Sassy Batman Statue from Batman: Black & White by John Romita Jr will be released in January, 2018, via a press release today Though the statue measures in at just 7.69 inches tall, when it comes to attitude, it towers above all others Based on JRJr's[...]

Dark Days: The Forge Review- Mysteries I Didn't Want Or Need Or Care About

So does Batman trust this murderous psychopath with this information? Did the Joker get in on his own, or did Bruce let him in?The problem is, I don’t care to get the answers of these questions because it’s so obviously a shock-stinger that could not possibly have a satisfying answer.This book has a very talented[...]

Take A Look Inside Dark Days: The Forge

Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and the rest of the Justice League think they’ve been to every corner of the Multiverse—but a looming threat is coming from a place they never knew existed. Welcome to a crazy, melt-your-face, hard-rock space adventure like you’ve never seen before.Welcome to the Dark Multiverse.Though listed on the DC website as written by Scott[...]

John Romita Jr. Draws Daredevil, Spider-Man And Superman For The Secret Stash

On the latest episode of AMC's series Comic Book Men, fan-favorite artist John Romita Jr went into the shop and drew an original piece featuring the characters he is best known for.. Spider-Man, Daredevil and Superman In the piece, Spider-Man is wearing the logo of the comic shop which features the images of Jay (Jason[...]

This Is What It Looks Like When Frank Miller Inks John Romita Jr

Instead it's with artist John Romita Jr who worked with Frank Miller on Man Without Fear. But has Miller finishing John's breakdowns Which looks like this... I hope that's a tail... With the next chapter of DARK KNIGHT III: THE MASTER RACE, readers will learn more about the plans of the newly-freed Kandorians in the main story, but[...]

NYCC '15: John Romita Jr Draws Dark Knight III Story – Official

We told you that John Romita Jr would be off Superman.We told you it would be with Frank Miller, a Man Without Fear style prequel Batman book that would tie in with Dark Knight.And now at the Batman panel, it's been announced as a 48 page one-shot prequel to The Dark Knight Returns, written by Frank Miller[...]

That Mark Bagley/John Romita Jr Panel From Houston Awesome Comic Con (VIDEO)

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool ran an account of a panel at the Houston Awesome Comic Con, in which Mark Bagley and John Romita Jr talked about the lives and work And how, twenty minutes in, it seemed to take a turn for the worse.Thankfully "90's comic book nerd" filmed the whole thing Feel free to watch[...]

John Romita Jr Leaves Superman For An Exciting New Project…

He is the new ongoing artist for Superman, for now at least.But what of John Romita Jr? I understand, despite some scurrilous rumour mongers, that he has not quit the title, rather he was offered a new project by DC Comics, something so enticing that he couldn't help but grab it with both hands.I wonder[...]

'Not Every Character's An Italian' – Dan DiDio To John Romita Jr

John Romita Jr told Newsarama about his approach to drawing Superman. The very first promotional sketch I ever did was so bad I had changed the face a little bit — it wasn't good enough — and interestingly enough, that first poor image got onto the internet. Yeah, uh, sorry about that John.And it didn't go down well. And[...]

A Million Dollar Budget For Buying Original Comic Art

Spencer Beck, president of The Artists' Choice has been an original art sales representative for 30 years with clients including Steve McNiven, George Perez, Mark Bagley, John Romita Jr, David Finch and Andy & Adam Kubert So Beck knows a thing or two about original comic art.His company has gotten a new task They've been selected[...]

Superman #38 Blowing Up On eBay As He Gets A New Power (SPOILER)

We all know Superman's standard powers. Super strength, speed, hearing, vision , flight and heat vision. Some have been defined further, he'll originally he couldn't fly, now he has super chilled breath as well, when he wants. The films gave him the power to travel through time, to erase memory with a kiss and to […]

DC Comics' New Costume For Superman – Revealed

A farm designed by John Romita Jr.Look, he's got built in fingerless gloves A few less creases, a cutaway point on his boots and a rounder and yellow belt sigil.No red underwear still though.This is how Superman currently looks in the New 52.We were told that Superman #38 will bring us a "new costume, new powers[...]