Frank Miller To Write Superman: Year One At DC With John Romita Jr.

At the DC Master Class panel at San Diego Comic Con, surprise guest Frank Miller announced that he's working on a Superman origin story for DC Comics with artist John Romita Jr. Miller said the project is something he's wanted to do for so long "it's embarrassing," and called it "the opportunity of a lifetime."

Frank Miller To Write Superman: Year One At DC With John Romita Jr.

On Twitter, DC confirmed that the book will be called Superman: Year One.

Back in April at C2E2, Miller spoke in depth about what he wanted to do with this project, saying:

I adore Superman, but I was doing a Batman book, and I wanted Batman to be the hero and very much took his point of view, and it just seems to me that… If I were Batman, who would I resent the most? It would be the guy who not only represented very, very status quo oriented sense of things, someone who wanted things to stay just the same when things were rotten, but… someone who could fly when I needed a goddamn car.

To me it was very natural to set up a story where Batman would end up in combat with Superman, then the fun was finding a way for Batman to win the fight. By putting him in a big suit of armor, and having him have a buddy who could fire Kryptonite arrows.

To turn that around, one project I very much want to do is a project where Superman is very much a hero. I'm talking to DC about it, and hope to have something announced, but I want to do my original Superman where he'd be the hero all the way through.

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