Superman #38 Blowing Up On eBay As He Gets A New Power (SPOILER)

We all know Superman's standard powers. Super strength, speed, hearing, vision , flight and heat vision. Some have been defined further, he'll originally he couldn't fly, now he has super chilled breath as well, when he wants. The films gave him the power to travel through time, to erase memory with a kiss and to turn his S symbol into a plastic prison.

Well in tomorrow's Superman #38 he gets a new super power. As a result of the USA Today article teasing it, copies at cover price have been hoovered up on eBay, with copies now finding buyers at a dollar over cover.


One retailer gets in touch to give the game away. So if you want to avoid spoilers, stop now. But if you are intrigued enough to know what new super power is being added to canon – maybe ahead of its appearance in the Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice movie – and just can't wait till you pick up a copy, then I'm going to put you out of your misery.


Superman blows up. I don't mean he gets angry at Lex Luthor, but he detonates. A massive incinerative blast that is, apparently, tied to his heat vision. Think the Human Torch's supernova blast… With similar effects….

Out tomorrow. If you can find a copy. No wonder he needs a new costume.

But here's another thing. If you think that is a spoiler, that is nothing compared to the actual big final page spoiler in this issue that may well change the Superman setup… forever!

But let's talk about that later.

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