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Joe and Keith Lansdale Talk Red Range: Pirates of Fireworld, Now on #Kickstarter
Artist Jok, who colored Sam Glanzman's art on It's Alive!'s reprinting of the original graphic novel, will be the artist on the new series The Red Range reprint was the first title Kickstarted after Ford founded It's Alive! in 2016, garnering over $19,000 in pledges. Bleeding Cool spoke with Joe and Keith Lansdale about the new book. – Who is Caleb Range, and what is[...]
Exclusive First Chapter Of Big Game Hunters: Tale Of The Lizard Baron
Bury and Jok. It's the story of a rag-tag band of Steampunk Victorian monster hunters as they exterminate a creature in the Scottish Highlands—the mystery behind the mission from the hunters' enigmatic benefactor in the Queen's Directorate deepens when they are sent to a deserted Prussian village. The individual issues are available digitally on Comixology now, but the[...]