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Avatar: James Cameron Says Fox Tried To Cut The Flying Scenes
When asked by Screen Rant about the current status of Avatar 4, esteemed producer Jon Landau teases, "The first act [is already shot] Because truth be told, there's a time cut after the end of the first act [of Avatar 4], and we needed to get all the kids before they got older and shoot[...]
Avatar, M3gan Power Big MLK Weekend Box Office
But where does Avatar plan to take its ambitious world of Pandora with its next epic action-adventure film? Well, according to one of the film's core producers, we can anticipate an expansion of the franchise's Na'vi cultures. During a recent press event for the film's digital release, longtime Avatar, and Avatar: The Way of Water producer[...]
Avatar: The Way of Water - 11 Posters Released With The New Trailer
All Rights Reserved. How so exactly? During a recent interview between Screen Rant and major blockbuster producer Jon Landau, the Avatar producer was asked about the intermission and took the time to explain, "People say, 'What took so long?' The first thing that took time was writing four scripts We couldn't just write one and go,[...]
New Behind-the-Scenes Images for the Alita: Battle Angel Rerelease
Is it going to happen? Well, that remains to be seen, but it still hasn't stopped several conversations from happening — most recently from one of the film's key producers, Jon Landau. An imCredit: 20th Century Studios/Disney Photo Provided by from Alita: Battle Angel Credit: 20th Century Studios/Disney[...]
Still, first, the young stars of the new Avatar: The Way Of Water movie (and its sequel a couple of years hence), Jack Champion, Trinity Bliss, Jamie Flatters, and Bailey Bass, were making an appearance at Forbidden Planet with producer Jon Landau Some had queued through the day in the cold winter that had decided[...]
8 High-Quality Images from Avatar: The Way of Water
All Rights Reserved. As Avatar: The Way of Water nears its relaunch into the world of Avatar, the film's producer Jon Landau offered his take on the history of the trend that followed Avatar's '09 release Landau explains to The Hollywood Reporter, "I think what happened is some people got lost, and there's a period of[...]
Neytiri from Avatar. Credit Disney
Director James Cameron has done a good job keeping details about what to expect from our return to Pandora, but producer Jon Landau is out there spilling the beans a tad about what the story could entail In a new chat with RNZ, he lets us know that the story will focus on the children[...]
Jon Landau Talks Titanic 3D, And After A Preview Of The Footage, So Do I
This week I found myself at a screening of some footage from the forthcoming re-release of Titanic in 3D, along with a Q&A with producer Jon Landau Titanic is just one of 'those' films – nearly everyone has seen it and nearly everyone has cried at it at least once, even if they won't admit[...]