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"Westworld" Season 3: HBO Releases Episode Titles, Descriptions; Preview Images

With Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy's Westworld set to return on Sunday, March 15, viewers are being treated to the episode titles and descriptions for the third season's first four chapters (the second-half will consist of eight episodes) as well as a new set of preview images – all waiting for you below: "Westworld" season […]

Couples Goals Lisa Joy, Jonathan Nolan Headed to Amazon Studios

Couples Goals Lisa Joy, Jonathan Nolan Headed to Amazon Studios

One of our favorite power couple wife and husband teams Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan have just signed a deal with Amazon Studios to create new series(eseseses). This is pretty exciting seeing as the pair have said they "can't wait to dive in to make some batshit crazy television together," especially since we know exactly what […]

The Bleeding Cool TV Top 10 Best of 2018 Countdown: #3 Westworld

"Television is becoming a collage – there are so many channels that you move through them making a collage yourself. In that sense, everyone sees something a bit different." – David Hockney There was a time when working for television was labelled a "demotion," a professional death sentence for movie stars whose careers were on […]

'Westworld' Creative Team Talk Season 2 Reactions and "F***ing Killing Robots"

Love it or remain confused by it, the second season of HBO's Westworld certainly changed things up for both the humans and not-replicant Hosts of Delos's wild west park. The creative pair and showrunners behind the series (who are married to each other, by the way) Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan are still fielding questions about the sophomore […]

HBO Renews Westworld For a Season 3

Shocking no one, HBO has renewed fan favorite series Westworld for a third season. I say it's not surprising because with their big series Game of Thrones ending after next year's season 8, it stands to reason they'd need another popular show to take it's place. That's not saying the Delos Corporation and their automatons […]

[Tribeca 2018] A Look at HBO's Westworld Season 2 Red Carpet Event

With the Hosts ready to stake out their own declaration of independence from Delos Inc. by any means necessary beginning with Sunday night's Season 2 premiere, HBO's Westworld held a special screening event on Thursday, April 19th at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. Along with a screening of the second season (subtitled […]

Pacific Rim's Rinko Kikuchi Looks to Create the Apocalypse in Westworld Season 2

While I'm sure there's a really great jaeger/host joke just ready to be dropped with an accompanying "ba-dum-ch," Oscar nominated actress Rinko Kikuchi looks less interested in jokes and much more interested in creating – not cancelling – the apocalypse. The Pacific Rim actress is set to join the second season of HBO's sci-fi series […]

Westworld Season 2 Trailer: Delos Destinations Will Pay for Its "Sin"

With less than a month to go before it's April 22 second season premiere, HBO has released the first full official trailer for Westworld's sophomore season. And as we can see from the preview below, Delos Destinations Inc. looks to have its hidden "sin" exposed by the hosts – by any means necessary: In […]

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Westworld Season 2 Series Creator Lisa Joy Turns Episode 4 Into A Bloodbath

The Westworld reboot was a big hit for HBO, and fans are eager for Season 2, which is already filming. Series creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan spoke with TVLine's Michael Ausiello at the Emmy Awards red carpet event last night, and the first topic up was Joy making her directorial debut on the fourth […]

Violence And Humanity: Why You Owe It To Yourself To Watch Westworld

Consuming entertainment is one of the things I do best. I take in a huge amount of pop culture everyday from video games, TV and film, and I know the role violence and sex play in what we take in. It's an important part of the human zeitgeist right now, and our fascination with our […]

HBO's Westworld To Debut In October

HBO's delayed Westworld finally has an airdate. The premium cable channel announced today that the series, based on the 1973 Micheal Crichton film about androids in a theme park turning on their masters, will debut on October 2nd. Described by the network as "a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the evolution […]

Person of Interest May Air In The Spring; Future Still Uncertain

Much like the teams' walk toward fate at the end of Person of Interest's season four finale, the show's future may still be uncertain. While speaking at a Television Critics Association executive session panel, CBS president Glenn Geller said the network aims to air the series' fifth season soon. "We ordered 13 episodes," he said, […]

Christopher Nolan Planning A World War II Film?

While Christopher Nolan's next project has been shrouded in some mystery, the fog may be lifting as La Voix Du Nord (via Indie Wire) reports the director is planning a film about the evacuation of Dunkirk. The site, after a game of Google Translation telephone, claims the current mayor of Dunkirk announced a major American […]

HBO's Westworld Casts Anthony Hopkins And Evan Rachel Wood

The pilot HBO's projected series Westworld has found some stars. Anthony Hopkins (Silence of the Lambs) and Evan Rachel Wood (True Blood) have been cast according to Deadline. Coming from J. J. Abrams' Bad Robot production company and Person of Interest creator Jonathan Nolan, the project is inspired by Michael Crichton's 1973 film set in […]

Dark Knight And Green Lantern Writers Might Hold The Key To Saving Akira

Pre-production on Warner Bros. Akira was brought to a screeching halt with staff sent home and offices closed. It would seem that the project is mortally wounded. So… who might save it? Though neither has been contracted yet, the studio are said to be considering Jonathan "Jonah" Nolan, writer on The Dark Knight and The […]