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Arune Singh Now Vice President Brand, Editorial at Skybound
Also, Brian Michael Bendis named a Legion of Super-Heroes character in his honour. And now Arune Singh has posted to social media news of a promotion, "proud to officially announce I was recently promoted to Vice President Brand, Editorial at Skybound Entertainment! New work attire pictured below." That's the Jonboy Meyer cover to Duke #1 we mentioned in[...]
Rafael Albuquerque Creates New Assassin's Guild Comics For Massive
Future artists will include Enrico Marini, Mahmud Asrar, Olivier Vatine, Yanick Paquette, Niko Henrichon, Jonboy Meyers and more. Massive Publishing and Studio Lounak have a full year of Assassin's Creed comics planned with longer format stories outside of the Visionaries brand including prestige format issues of their original, Assassin's Creed stories such as from Titan Comics,[...]
Artists Elite Comics To Launch In June With Big Name Artists
The creators named back then were Tyler Kirkham, Brett Booth, Ben Templesmith, Ryan Benjamin, Paolo Pantalena, Alé Garza, Freddie Williams II, Jordan Gunderson, Bosslogic, Alan Quah, Mico Suayan, Eric Basaldua (E.Bas), Chad Hardin, Jonboy Meyers, Sorah Suhng and Ryan Kincaid All well-known comic book creators and cover artists, with strong fanbases[...]
AWA Creators And Execs Support Mike Deodato On Comic Art NFT Rights
His point was, however, that comic book artists for Marvel and DC were allowed to sell their original physical artwork pages, but companies like Marvel and DC were not allowing their artists to do the same with digital NFTs, reserving the right to do that themselves. Mike Deodato cover to AWA's Resistance Uprising Today, Mike Deodato's current[...]
BRZRKR 1:1000 Signed By Jonboy Meyers Rarer Than Those By Keanu Reeves
Jonboy Meyers gets in touch to tell me that he had a few copies of the 1:1000 BRZRKR #1 covers that are not signed by Keanu Reeves but instead are signed by him He is auctioning them off, with the proceeds going to charity. It turns out that Keanu Reeves signed 670 500 copies of[...]
E-Ratic: AWA Studios Unveils Variant Covers for Kaare Andrews Series
Michael Straczynski's The Resistance sci-fi universe. AWA Studios CCO Axel Alonso shared, "E-RATIC is Kaare's baby — a teen superhero for the 21st Century.  For two amazing artists with such distinct styles —Mike Deodato Jr. (The Resistance, Infinity Wars) and artist Jonboy Meyers (Spawn, Teen Titans, Inhumans) — to offer their interpretations of a character so vital to our shared universe is very exciting.  You're witnessing[...]
Watch Thony Silas Draw The Royals
Last month, we told you that Thony Silas replaced JonBoy Meyers on The Royals #4 for Marvel Now Silas is the latest artist to sit down for their video series Quickdraw where he draws those very same Royals It's nice to see that Marvel is back to using the Quickdraw format to promote their artists and[...]
So Why Is Black Bolt In Prison? Royals #2 Reveals All!
And no, he's not a Nazi. Similarly, it may have left readers wondering where Black Bolt's series, by Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward, fits in with Royals by Al Ewing and Jonboy Meyers, which also featured the character. Well, this week's Royals #2 seems to have answered all of that and set up the Black Bolt series[...]
Jonboy Meyers Shows Off His Style With A Red Ballpoint Pen
While at SDCC this year, Teen Titans artist Jonboy Meyers stepped into the DC Comics Art Academy and after a convention of drawing Robin over and over again, he decided to go old school and draw a Joker with a red ballpoint pen He describes himself as a messy sketcher and that all his work[...]
Todd McFarlane Talks New Spawn Direction And Possible Animated Series
With the upcoming Spawn #250 and the Spawn: Resurrection, series creator and Image co-founder Todd McFarlane talked with IGN about the new creative team (Paul Jenkins and JonBoy Meyers), the new direction for Al Simmons / Spawn and his goal for getting to issue #301 He also talks about the possibility of a new Spawn[...]
Todd McFarlane Unveils Spawn: Resurrection Cover And Wants Your Questions
On his Facebook page, Todd McFarlane unveiled the cover for Spawn Resurrection #1 – the issue where Brian Wood and Jonboy Meyers take over the series after the 250th issue special. This is what Todd had to say with the reveal: You're the FIRST TO SEE the Spawn Resurrection cover!!! There's a lot going on in my comic book world![...]