Jungle Girl

Jungle Girl

Read Jungle Girl Season 3 #1, Part of the Dynamite/Comixology 50% off Sale

It's time to catch up on those comics you've wanted to read from Dynamite but haven't had a chance. The publisher is having a 50% off sale over at Comixology with everything released prior to December 12th, 2017 on sale. That means The Shadow vs Batman, Bettie Page, Dresden Files, James Bond, Agent 47 — and Jungle Girl Season 3 #1 by Frank Cho, Doug Murray, and […]

A Frank Cho Inspired Statue For Your Shelf

Hitting comic shops tomorrow is the Women of Dynamite: Jungle Girl statue based on the art of Frank Cho. The piece, sculpted by Jason Smith, features Jana standing on the skull of a triceratops. The statue stands 12" tall and is hand-numbered. I look at this statue and I think of how could it would […]

Red Sonja, Dejah Thoris And Jungle Girl Limited Statues And Chaos Pins

Along with their comic and graphic novel announcements for SDCC, Dynamite also has some merchandising news. This November the publisher will be releasing a set of Chaos! Comics enamel pins and three limited edition variant statues of the Women of Dynamite. CHAOS! COMICS ENAMEL 4-PIN SET These four enamel-covered, wearable pins feature classic characters Evil […]

Dynamite Tuesday: Women Of Dynamite Statues Get Rare Variants

Here we have the fourth Dynamite Tuesday announcement, this time it's for two limited edition variant statues from the Women of Dynamite line produced by the Brew Factory. The Women of Dynamite: Purgatori Limited Edition "Black & White" Statue: Only 49 of these black-and-white statues exist in the world The extremely Limited Edition Purgatori statue, […]

Mirka Andolfo's Process Art For Swords Of Sorrow: Red Sonja / Jungle Girl #3

Here we have some process art for Swords of Sorrow: Red Sonja / Jungle Girl #3 by Mirka Andolfo with inks by Elisa Ferrari and colors by Vincenzo Salvo. The issue is written by Marguerite Bennett and is on sale now. As the ice storm howls and unleashes a crescendo of destruction, Sonja and Jana howl right back. They […]

Exclusive Extended Previews Of Sherlock Holmes Vs Harry Houndini

We've got to exclusive extended preview for two Dynamite comics shipping this week. The first is for the Sherlock Holmes Vs. Harry Houdini trade and then Swords of Sorrow: Red Sonja / Jungle Girl #2. Sherlock Holmes vs Harry Houdini TP Writer: Anthony Del Col, Conor McCreery  Artist: Carlos Furuzono  Cover: John Cassaday When the […]

So You Want To Be A Comic Book Editor?

Dynamite was recently advertising a couple editorial positions and I know they got quite a few candidates applying. Sure it sounds like a glamorous job… but getting writer and artists to turn in stuff on time is a lot like trying to get your cat to not knock stuff off the table. Another part of […]

New Cosplay Cover For Swords Of Sorrow #5

Here we have a look at the cosplay cover for Swords of Sorrow #5 from Dynamite Entertainment. We also have a look at some of the behinds the scenes shots for the shoot where you can see some of the crafting that went into making the costumes and swords. The photography was done by: Andrew […]

Mirka Andolfo's Art From Swords Of Sorrow: Red Sonja / Jungle Girl #2

Here we have a look at Mirka Andolfo's art for the upcoming second issue of Swords of Sorrow: Red Sonja / Jungle Girl. The script is written by Marguerite Bennett. Here we see Mirka's original roughs and then finished art. As the jungle descends into a lethal winter, Red Sonja and Jungle Girl have finally […]

Marguerite Bennett's Commentary On Swords Of Sorrow: Red Sonja / Jungle Girl

Swords of Sorrow: Red Sonja Vs Jungle Girl is part of Dynamite's all-female written summer event starring their top female characters. This issue is written by Marguerite Bennett and drawn by Mirka Andolfo. Marguerite did this writer's commentary on the issue. PAGE ONE First page, we just wanted a quick opening to catch up readers who may not be following […]

Exclusive Extended Preview: Swords Of Sorrow: Red Sonja / Jungle Girl #1

As Swords of Sorrow continues, we have the latest mini-series to spinoff from it featuring Red Sonja and Jungle Girl. The series is being written by Marguerite Bennett and drawn by Mirka Andolfo and we have an exclusive extended preview of the first issue that hits stores this week. Cover by Jay Anacleto. Red Sonja […]

Frank Cho's Jungle Girl Joins The Women Of Dynamite Statue Collection

The Women of Dynamite statue collection is adding one more. Dynamite and The Brewing Factory have announced a Jungle Girl statue based on the art of Frank Cho and sculpted by Jason Smith. The statue is 12" tall with a 6" base and is hand-painted on cold-cast porcelain. Each will be individually numbered and part […]

Exclusive First Look At The Swords Of Sorrow Books Shipping In September

We have an exclusive first look at the covers and solicitations for Dynamite's summer event Swords of Sorrow shipping in September. Going into the fifth month we see the penultimate issue of the main series, a new Miss Fury / Lady Rawhide special and the conclusion of the Red Sonja / Jungle Girl miniseries. Swords […]

Doug Murray On Bringing A Touch Of Lovecraft To Jungle Girl

Nancy Collins, writer of Swords of Sorrow: Vampirella/Jennifer Blood #1, talks with writer Doug Murray about Jungle Girl: Season 3 #2, both on sale now. Cover art by Frank Cho. NANCY COLLINS: How do you like working with your artist, Jack Jadson? DOUG MURRAY: I really didn't work as closely with the artist as I […]

Exclusive: Swords Of Sorrow Adds Pantha And Jane Porter To The Mix In August

We have the exclusive first look at the covers and solicitations for the Swords of Sorrow titles shipping in August from Dynamite Entertainment. With it being the fourth month of the all-female written summer event, we have the Vampirella / Jennifer Blood series wrapping up and a new special featuring Pantha and Jane Porter from the […]

"Jana Is Far More Adult Now…" – Doug Murray On Jungle Girl Season 3

Doug Murray joined Frank Cho and Jack Jadson on the recent return of Jungle Girl. Now that the writing for Season Three is just about done, Byron Brewer caught up with the scribe to talk about the series from Dynamite. BYRON BREWER: Well, Doug, with July your Jungle Girl mini-series comes to an end. Not […]