"Jana Is Far More Adult Now…" – Doug Murray On Jungle Girl Season 3

Doug Murray joined Frank Cho and Jack Jadson on the recent return of Jungle Girl. Now that the writing for Season Three is just about done, Byron Brewer caught up with the scribe to talk about the series from Dynamite.

JGSea304CovAChoBYRON BREWER: Well, Doug, with July your Jungle Girl mini-series comes to an end. Not to reveal any spoilers, but do you thing you and Frank Cho told the story that you set out to tell?

DOUG MURRAY: I'm confident that Frank and I have accomplished what we set out to do in Season Three. It gave us a chance to stretch the "Lost World" thesis a bit and play with some things that we could not normally deal with—it was fun to do and I think the book shows that.

BB: To your mind, what was the most difficult thing about picking up with this miniseries as a Season Three of Jungle Girl's adventures?

DM: The hardest thing to do was to bring the reader up to date before actually digging into the story line as it had been a few years since the last season. I tried to do it without a huge flashback and hope I succeeded.

BB: Do you think the character has changed during this season? And if so, how so?

DM: Jana is far more adult now, and far less confident in her actions. She has learned that sometimes what seems right isn't the best thing you can do. She also learns that much of what she has always believed about her father and her world isn't necessarily correct.

BB: Are there any threads you and Frank created that you would say may be a basis for a Season Four going forward?

DM: There's a huge thread that we could use for another volume—but I can't say what it is without spoiling too many things.

BB: How was it working with artist Jack Jadson?

DM: Jack and I didn't work as closely as I might have liked. His artwork is first-rate, however, so I don't think it created any problems.

BB: What do you think about the role Jungle Girl has in the coming summer event, Swords of Sorrow?

DM: Until quite recently, I knew nothing about the event—I've seen the first two parts now and kinda like how Jana is used—I'm curious to see where the writers go from there.

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