Doug Murray On Bringing A Touch Of Lovecraft To Jungle Girl

Nancy Collins, writer of Swords of Sorrow: Vampirella/Jennifer Blood #1, talks with writer Doug Murray about Jungle Girl: Season 3 #2, both on sale now. Cover art by Frank Cho.

JGSea302CovAChoNANCY COLLINS: How do you like working with your artist, Jack Jadson?

DOUG MURRAY: I really didn't work as closely with the artist as I would have liked.  I generally work full-script which is what I did in this series.  The first time I saw actual art was after Jack had done his pencils.  Still, I had no real problems with anything and only suggested (I think) one or two changes.  I would be happy to work with Jack on another project in the future.

NC: Does Jana the Jungle Girl normally ride a T-Rex into battle? If so, is the one we see in #2 a domesticated pet or free-range?

DM: The Tree People (Jana's tribe) are very much into green energy and free-range food. Thus Jana kills her meat in the wild—finding it on the hoof and taking it down.

Seriously though, in this series I have been subscribing to the current theory that the T-Rex was a carrion eater and not a hunter—thus Jana isn't really afraid of the big guy (although the dirt people are), thus riding one into battle gives her an added 'WOW' factor.

NC: What's the relationship between Jana and Togg?  Is he her Tonto/Kato counterpart, or something more?

DM: I wrote Togg as her Tonto/Kato—Togg sees Jana as something special—the daughter of the medicine-father who came from somewhere far away.  He is her friend—but at some level, he worships her.

NC: Do the alien Old Ones mentioned in your story have any connection to H.P. Lovecraft's Old Ones?

DM: I'm a huge fan of Lovecraft so, the Old Ones have a lot to do with the Lovecraftian characters—although not as much as I would like—call it an 'homage'.

NC: And last but not least, does Jungle Girl: Season 3 take place before or after the events in the Swords of Sorrow cross-over event?

DM: I have to assume it takes place before—as the reader will discover when he gets to the end of issue #4.  Something happens there that would make it impossible for Swords of Sorrow to come after.

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