Jungle Girl Cover History Can be Yours With Fight Comics #49

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The Golden Age of comics brought us much more than iconic superheroes. They gave us whimsical animal comics, teen humor, startling horror, and the infamous jungle girl covers. Golden Age comic collectors across the board seem to agree on the desirability of jungle girl covers. In fact, jungle-themed comics would become a staple during World War 2, right alongside the patriotic heroes of other comics. Fight Comics had a prominent place on the newsstands during the war, and have since become a popular comic for Golden Age collectors. This issue of Fight Comics on this week's ComicConnect Event Auction should not be overlooked. Just make sure you check it out before the auction ends on May 20th.

While jungle girls have appeared in comics before Fight Comics #49, this was the first — and the start — of jungle girl covers for Fight Comics. Tiger Girl made her first appearance in Fight Comics #32, The dynamic and brave heroine, known as Princess Vishnu from India, draws her strength from a tiger ring. Tiger Girl was just one of many jungle girls, but in my opinion, she's one of the better ones.

The copy of Fight Comics #49 currently up for auction on ComicConnect. Image Credit: ComicConnect
The copy of Fight Comics #49 currently up for auction on ComicConnect. Image Credit: ComicConnect

This beautiful CGC universal blue label 8.0 with white pages comic features a striking Joe Doolin cover. Tiger Girl, the blonde in a two-piece tiger bikini, is grappling with a snake, is an immediate eye-catcher. According to GPA, several CGC universal blue labels have been in auction, with the lowest grade at a 4.5, and the highest at a 9.6. A similar 8.0 copy last sold in April of 2016 for $191, and since this auction is currently sitting at over $200, this book is going up in value.

This minor key is still a solid and affordable Golden Age comic. This is perfect for jungle girl collectors, Golden Age fans, or new collectors looking to dip their toes in the Golden Age pool. The auction ends on May 20th and is part of Session 3 of Event Auction #42. Interested bidders will need a ComicConnect account in order to bid, but they're absolutely free. Plus, you never know what other goodies you may find at ComicConnect! Happy bidding!

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