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K/DA Will Be Appearing In Just Dance 2021 With A New Track
We got a new interesting crossover this morning from Riot Games and Ubisoft as K/DA has invaded the spotlight of Just Dance 2021 This is one of those events where you hear people kinda talk about them and be like "Yeah, that would be cool, but it'll probably never happen." And then it happens and[...]
Riot Games Releases Details On K/DA Return To League Of Legends
Riot Games revealed the full content release happening this week for K/DA as the K-Pop group returns to League Of Legends We got the details below from Rio as they are also making their return to Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra with a ton of content If you couldn't tell from the hype today,[...]
Riot Games Reveals New Look & EP Cover For K/DA
Riot Games revealed a whole new look this morning for the League of Legends pop band K/DA, along with their new EP cover The virtual K-Pop girl group based on characters within the game took a lot of the gaming, dance, and cosplay worlds by storm back in 2018 To the point where we're fairly[...]
League Of Legends' Pop Group K/DA Announces A Comeback
Today during the Gamescom 2020 Opening Night Live, the League Of Legends pop group K/DA announced their comeback Which is kind of interesting because the group never really left Much like fellow animated musicians Gorillaz, it's not as if they broke up or retired They just simply cooled off over the past year Now they've[...]
"League Of Legends" K/DA Songs Added To "DJMAX Respect V"
Neowiz and Riot Games have teamed up to add the League Of Legends' pop band K/DA's songs to the DJMAX Respect V library for you to play Both songs, "POP/STARS and "Get Jinxed", have been added to the playlists as you can jam out to the music videos as you attempt to complete the songs[...]