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Soldier Stories: Top Cow to Publish Four Veterans' Combat Stories
Michael Russell  All Clear by Megan Ferrell Burke, Arturo Lauria, & Kelly Fitzpatrick The Great Man by Rev William J Bellamy, Cecilia Lo Valvo, & Ryan Cody "Soldier Stories" author bios backcover, Top Cow SOLDIER STORIES (ONE SHOT) will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, November 9th, 2022: Cover A by Billy Tucci – Diamond Code SEP220076 Cover B[...]
Alex De Campi Teams Veterans With Comics Artists For True War Stories
Colors are by Dee Cunniffe, Matt Soffe, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Tarsis Cruz, and Aladdin Collar All lettering will be done by Alex de Campi. "Working on this book has been one of my personal high points in comics" say Alex de Campi "Every story is fantastic, every collaborator has been a delight to work with, and I[...]
The Hamilton Graphic Novel That Never Was
@wastedwings [Kelly Fitzpatrick] did an amazing job coloring my rushes pages though Would of been a fun gig Happy #HamiltonFilm day everyone!" Here's an initial look at what it might have been. The Hamilton Graphic Novel That Never Was, Sadly. The Hamilton Graphic Novel That Never Was, Sadly. Hamilton: An American Musical tells the story of[...]
ECCC Offers Ticket Refunds in Wake of Coronavirus Pullouts
Kelly Fitzpatrick is a well-regarded comic book colourist, working on comics including Batman, Constantine, Plastic Man, Wonder Woman, Bad Luck Chuck and many more She posted her account on Twitter a few days ago, regarding Nika Harper, author and broadcaster on channels such as Geek & Sundry Kelly wrote about her experience with Nika at[...]
Plastic Man #3 cover by Alex Ross
There's an extended Harley Quinn joke in here that had me cracking up. Plastic Man #3 art by Adriana Melo and Kelly Fitzpatrick Melo's artwork makes this all work, and what she does with Plastic Man's body stands at the intersection of hilarious and body horror She also can capture the smaller emotions and expressions to add[...]
Plastic Man #2 cover by Bilquis Evely and Mat Lopes
As it turns out, having goals and a purpose beyond taking the piss out of everyone is a good way to write an endearing and likable character. Plastic Man #2 art by Adriana Melo and Kelly Fitzpatrick Adriana Melo gets very creative with Plastic Man's transformations this issue If you're going to draw Eel O'Brian, you may[...]
Bedtime Games #1 cover by Conor Nolan
I only hope the horror elements are just as good. Bedtime Games #1 art by Conor Nolan and Kelly Fitzpatrick Colan Nolan's artwork fits the story near perfectly It is a rough-around-the-edges style that evokes the appearance of a sketchbook It's visually thematic and fits the story The visuals keep a good baseline to escalate to the[...]
Plastic Man #1 cover by Aaron Lopresti
On the whole, the narrative is excellent. Plastic Man #1 art by Adriana Melo and Kelly Fitzpatrick [user_id] Adriana Melo covers the artwork, and it looks great It has a detailed, almost noire aesthetic to it which fits the story excellently The one drawback is that, after a certain draw distance, the faces turn into undetailed ovals with[...]
venomized Improbable Previews
The comic, by Mark Waid, Ian Flynn, Audrey Mok, Kelly Fitzpatrick, and Jack Morelli is set to hit stores on March 21st, so it isn't lettered yet But, using our uncanny ability to decipher the story from artwork alone, we've filled in all the blanks for you Check it out! Will Archie come to his senses before[...]
Enchanted Chest & Oothar the Blue: Lion Forge May 2018 Solicits
J.B.'s team of young scientists is eager to learn more about Val's powers, but Val is less eager about being a "superhero." But when a giant robot strikes the campus, well, what's a genius scientist with superpowers to do?In Shops: May 16, 2018SRP: $3.99   CATALYST PRIME SUMMIT TP VOL 01MAR181767(W) Amy Chu (A) Paul Mounts, Kelly[...]
Redline! Archer! Barzinga At Emerald City Comic Con 2017!
During Emerald City Comic Con, our fearless Barzinga co-host Rich Henn got to hang out with the creative team for the new Oni Press comic Redline (Neal Holman, Clayton McCormack, Kelly Fitzpatrick)! Rich also discussed the end of Archer with Holman, and seriously they're all having a blast while I stayed at home doing nothing[...]
Redline to Bring Archer-Style Humour in a Sci-Fi, Drama Twist
The series will feature art from Clayton McCormack and colourist Kelly Fitzpatrick. I caught up with Holman to ask him a bit more about Redline and what readers might expect from the series, and in what ways it may be similar and different from his other work. Joe Glass: For those who don't know, explain to us[...]
The Mythology And Adventure Of Five Ghosts Expands In The Special #1
Our Demon here moves through the skull incarnations of different animals on their armor-clad body (and the actual "human" origin of this demon is discussed too, but I'll leave that for you to discover). The second story contained within this 32 page special is written by Five Ghosts co-creator Frank Barbiere and drawn by Jamie Jones[...]
Image Watch: On Why You Need To Read Dark Engine, Plus Preview Of Issue #2
By David Dissanayake Dark Engine is a series that I don't think everyone will enjoy. I, however, enjoy it immensely and I am going to tell you why. In case you haven't heard of it, Dark Engine is written by Ryan Burton, drawn by John Bivens, and colored by Kelly Fitzpatrick  It is grim, it is dark, and[...]