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Deadpool #6 Review: Wade Wilson Goes to Krakoa
The star of the book and all of the X-Men who meet him here would agree, is Jeff the Land Shark, a cute little fanged monstrosity that bites butts and takes names. The art from artist Kevin Libranda, colorist Chris Sotomayor, and letterer VC's Joe Sabino is exactly what you'd hope for in a Deadpool comic, matching the Marvel[...]
Champions #22 cover by R.B. Silva and Nolan Woodard
It's just good writing on the part of Jim Zub. Champions #22 art by Kevin Libranda and Marcio Menyz Kevin Libranda is the artist on this installment, and he does some solid work The style is light, airy, and movement-oriented Characters express themselves well with facial expressions and body language It can get a little over-exaggerated at[...]
Inhumans: Judgment Day #1 cover by Daniel Acuna
The question becomes who to send in to the Astral Plane to fight these gods. Inhumans: Judgment Day #1 cover by Daniel Acuna Al Ewing, Kevin Libranda, Mike del Mundo, Marc Deering, and Jose Villarrubia continue Ewing and Libranda's Royals directly with the opening to this miniseries We pick up on the main characters of Royals shortly[...]
Royals #12 cover by Javier Rodriguez and Alvaro Lopez
We may have to wait until Judgement Day for that too I suppose. Royals #12 art by Javier Rodriguez, Kevin Libranda, Alvaro Lopez, Jose Villarrubia, and Jordie Bellaire Javier Rodriguez and Kevin Libranda's art styles get to meet in an interesting way when the two Maximus' meld minds Along with that, their art holds up quite well[...]
Royals #11 cover by Javier Rodriguez and Alvaro Lopez
The Inhuman Royals must fight through them to access the means of saving their race. The comic also gives us a long look inside the mind of Swain, whom has been largely forced to the background throughout this series. The finale is dramatic, with tough decisions being made by the crew and an epic final battle before[...]
Royals #8 Review: Wrath Of Gorgon
It just happens. Royals #8 art by Kevin Libranda Kevin Libranda covers the art in the non-flashback segments, and his style continues to be the artistic highlight of the series Its fluid, kinetic, and still quite detailed Figures aren't distorted to look, well, inhuman, which is a tendency of artists with similar styles. Jose Villarrubia's color work remains[...]
Unfortunately, neither group yet suspects the threat that the Snarks bring to the table and that they have captured Gorgon. Medusa, Maximus, and Marvel Boy are taken to the Sky Spear on the world of the Universal Inhumans, and the two put a plan to action that many would likely not expect. The most noticeable and appreciable[...]